Chalet/ Sea Shell/ Sea View / 3,936,000 by NEWGIZA
5,400,000 EGP
Delivery date:
prop-type  Chalet
prop-type  330 m
prop-type  4 Bedrooms
prop-type  5 Bathrooms
Total Price
5,400,000 EGP
Down Payment
Monthly Payment

Description: Sea Shell - North coast

Developer: New Giza

Unit type: Chalet ( Horizon ) Upper for sale

Floor: First + Floor

Built up Area: ( 330 sqm + 58 sqm terraces + 52 sqm roof = 440m² total.

4 Bedrooms (3 master bedrooms )

5 Bathrooms

Nanny’s Room

Driver’s Room

Reception: 3 pieces


Down payment 3,936,000

Remaining (1,464,000 till August 2023)

Total Price: 5,400,000

Proper Move, came to existence as a sharp contrast to the market reality and as an attempt to disrupt the status quo. In reality many real estate decisions are not studied properly, and many advices given on the matter are not for the best interest of the buyer. Buyers often ended up with less than optimal units for the money they spend.

Hence, Proper Move emerged with the aim of PROVING that doing business right is possible, that building solid knowledge and providing it is trans formative, that your biggest investment in real estate can always be handled with the respect and responsibility it deserves, and that your defined success criteria can be fully met or exceeded.

That all started back in 2014, by a team of highly experienced real estate professionals who are passionately keen about the reputation of the real estate field and wanted, as a contrast, to offer their clients nothing short of the best. Since then, the company has been growing double digit year-over-year in terms of satisfied clientele base, and eager team members.

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Chalet in Seashell by NEWGIZA

5,400,000 EGP NA