Standalone Chalet with Garden 8 yeras installmets by Inertia
2,688,000 EGP
Delivery date:
prop-type  Chalet
prop-type  121 m
prop-type  2 Bedrooms
prop-type  3 Bathrooms
Total Price
2,688,000 EGP
Down Payment
Monthly Payment

Location: Ras El Hekma, North Coast

Project: Jefaira (Quayside Neighborhood)

Type: Stand Alone Chalet

BUA: 121m2

Garden: 115m

2 Master bedrooms

Fully finished

Price: EGP 2.688,000 mil

Payment Plan: 5% down payment, 8 years equal installments

Down-payment: 134,000 EGP

Quarter Installments: EGP 79,000

Jefera is located at Kilo 190 in Ras El Hekma on the North Coast

Jevera is divided into several compounds to maintain a sense of privacy, each compound has a private fence and swimming pools within each compound to serve each group of units

There are 3 club houses in the project

The total area of ​​the project is 1300 acres

Sea view of 3 km and 600 meters makes you feel privacy even during peak times and seasons

Depth of the project 2 kg

Jefaira is a seaside city that can be lived all year round with a school, university, hospital, commercial area as well as an international marina, a 5 star hotel area and a large sports center.

We have hired one of the largest international companies, Ten Design Company (based in England), which specializes in the establishment of coastal cities around the world and has projects in many countries such as California in America, Abu Dhabi in the UAE, Singapore, China and other countries

Separate compounds are delivered 3 or 4 years after the contract is signed and this is a short term plan

The long-term plan 10 years) is the implementation of other services that qualify Jefaira to become a coastal city by establishing a school, university, hospital and sports center.

All units are fully finished

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Chalet in Jefaira by Inertia

2,688,000 EGP NA