I own a new el Alamein 5% provider by City Edge Developments
6,000,000 EGP
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prop-type  Apartment (Typical)
prop-type  150 m
prop-type  3 Bedrooms
prop-type  2 Bathrooms
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6,000,000 EGP
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he new city of El Alamein is the first million city in the North Coast, and it is one of the fourth generation cities.

One of the bodies in charge of implementing the city of El-Alamein

Urban Communities Authority and the Housing and Development Bank

Your apartment area of ​​136 m

(3 rooms - 2 bathrooms - reception - kitchen - terrace)

Fully finished with air conditioning directly in front of the sea


The city has a length of 14 km.

The city has a world promenade along the beach.

The city has an area of ​​296 acres.

The city contains an international medical center with an area of ​​44 acres.

The city has an international conference center equipped to receive European conferences


ake El Alamein.


Amusement Park.


Hotels and Midtown neighborhood.

Cultural center.

Opera house.

A library the size of the Library of Alexandria.

International park.

A huge mosque.

A huge church.

World War Cemeteries.

New schools and university.

Sports clubs, commercial centers.

Heritage city on an area of ​​259 acres


What is the division of the new city of El Alamein?

A residential sector in the new city of El Alamein that contains about 10 thousand housing units.

Coastal sector consisting of:

Hotels District - City Center - Distinguished Residential District - Conference Center - Hadayek El-Alamein District - Fanara Marina - Recreational Area - Private Resort - Cultural Center - Tourist Housing - Beheira Residence District - Exhibition Land.

An archaeological area consisting of:

Open museum - international park - entertainment area - hotels - port services.

Urban sector consisting of:

University - Regional Service Center.

Global tourist center with 20% building rate.

8 separate platforms overlooking the sea.

Towers on each platform reaching a height of 35 meters.

The towers consist of 3 commercial and administrative floors, a lower garage, and residential units

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Apartment (Typical) in North Edge by City Edge Developments

6,000,000 EGP NA