Al Rabwa Compound 

Al Rabwa Compound from Talaat Mostafa Group is an all around project built in over 505 Feddans of land, designed to be in the shape of the palm of a hand. The idea of building Al Rabwa came to life due to the urgent need to spread out and away from the city, in a place where you can find peace of mind and enjoy undisturbed stretches of lush green grass. Al Rabwa Compound tries to bring the slogan “Life as it should be” to life. 

Al Rabwa Compound Location 

Al Rabwa is located in EI Sheikh Zayed City, only a few kilometers before sixth of October City, It is situated 140 meters above sea level, and thus enjoys a better and cleaner environment.

Al Rabwa Unit Types

Villas, Townhouses, Apartments and Duplexes. 

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