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Apartment (Ground) (21) Apartment (Typical) (120) Chalet (62) Clinic (1) Commercial (3) Duplex (9) Hotel Apartment (2) iVilla (12) Office Space (3) Penthouse (7) Pharmacy (1) Roof (1) Stand Alone Villa (18) Studio (8) Townhouse (29) Townhouse Corner (8) Twinhouse (13)
Number of Beds
1 Bedroom 2 Bedroom 3 Bedroom 4 Bedroom 5 Bedroom 6 Bedroom 6+ Bedroom
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Location Highlights
18 mins to Smart Village
20 mins to Arkan Plaza
65 mins to New Cairo
security Security
parking Parking
garden Garden
pool Pool
landscape view Landscape view

Jeera Compound 

Jeera Compound coming from IWAN Developments is one of its most exclusive projects in Sheikh Zayed and maintaining its reputation as the best place to live in the area. Jeera is built over 60 acres with exceptional quality offering its residents facilities and services like commercial hubs, cycle lanes and sports clubs. 

Jeera Compound Location 

Jeera Compound is located in Sheikh Zayed, Al Shabab Road with close proximity to various surrounding extracurricular activities and landmarks like El Sheikh Zayed Health Office and Etapa Mall. 

Jeera Compound Unit Types

Separate Villa, Twin House. 

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