New Mansoura City

The New Mansoura City is one of the projects led by The New Urban Communities Authority, which was commenced in 2017 under a presidential decision, and already, a large number of residential units have been constructed and booked. It is planned to be a modern city with lush residential units and modern facilities, making the best use of its panoramic Nile views. New Mansoura City will be 54 kilometers from old Mansoura. The government is also planning on building an electric train to connect both cities.With an increasing popular destination for summer holidays due to its ranging facilities that provide its residents with a good time. There will be tourist villages as well as many different real estate price ranges. Plans for hospitals as well as a private university are already on ground as well. Since this is a new city, it is designed to conform with modern architecture, featuring high-rising buildings, modern designs and colors, in addition to a high-standard road and infrastructure network.