Galala City

El Galala City Egypt 

Galala City is one of the government’s national efforts to develop the vast and empty eastern desert to solve Cairo’s population congestion and create work and living opportunities for the youth in addition to generating investment opportunities. City of Galala is located on 17000 acres on top of the highest mount plateau in the area across the Gulf of Suez. The new city centers on a balanced approach towards development and preservation of the surrounding pristine environment. It radiates peace and comfort to its residents. A new city that gives you a new choice on where you can spend your vacations.  

El Galala City Egypt Units and Specifications 

El Galala City is booming with possibilities from their exceptional facilities and services to their grand new top notch compounds like IL Monte Galala and Jura El Galala that provide their residents with the best units like chalets, twin villas, penthouses and standalone villas that transmit a relaxing environment for all of its residents.