6th of October City

6th of October is a city in Giza Governorate, a satellite town and part of the urban area of Cairo, Egypt, 32 km outside the city. It is a diverse area that has many potential suitors due to its variety of amusement parks, malls and sport clubs. 6th of October has many landmarks that excite like Polar Ski Egypt Africa’s first and only indoor skiing resort. Egypt’s largest camel market is held at Birqash (pronounced Bir’ash), a small village 35km northwest of Cairo, just on the edge of the Delta’s cultivated land and many more. It can also be fun for all interests as it contains different places to visit in Clubs like Al Ahly Sports Club, 6 October Club, Black Ball Club, Egyptian Shooting Club - October. Cinemas in IMAX theatre, shopping malls in Mall of Arabia. Some of the biggest businesses have their HQ in Smart Village like Bavarian Auto Group and Coldwell Banker New Homes.