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The Saudi Egyptian Developers company was established in 1975. The company positioned itself as one of the best among other giants within the real estate market. It has successfully brought to light several projects in various Egyptian Cities. With 24,000 units delivered, and more than 114,000 individuals housed in them; the company has been true to its stellar reputation. Saudi Egyptian Development is equally owned by the Saudi government and the Egyptian government with an estimated capital of 1.9 billion Egyptian pounds. The company is currently working on establishing 6 new projects in Egypt. SED is an equally shared company between Saudi Arabian and Egyptian governments focused on real estate investment in Egypt. The company is driven by a mission to purchase and sell strategic land plots after their preparation and construction of buildings in accordance with breakthrough strategies and an innovative vision approved by its board of directors. Boasting over 45 landmark projects across Egypt, spanning luxurious apartments and towers, SED is renowned for their unparalleled quality and success including Riyadh project in New Cairo, Bleu Vert in New Capital and Nile Towers in Maadi.

Saudi Egyptian Developers Projects 

  • Bleu Vert 

  • Sawari 

  • Jayd 

  • Secon Nile Towers Cairo

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