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Madinet Nasr Housing & Development

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Madinet Nasr Housing & Development

One of the largest real estate companies in Egypt, which is characterized by its long experience within the real estate market, the company was keen to provide a new concept for residential life with the provision of all services and facilities to meet the needs of the client and always keen to choose modern architectural designs that answers investors as you make sure to choose an excellent location. The company varied in the implementation of its projects, you will find commercial projects, economic projects, administrative projects, and residential projects with diversity in the spaces for all projects to suit all categories. 

Madinet Nasr For Housing and Development Projects

  1. The Tijan project is about 7.3 million square meters in the northern outskirts of Cairo.

  2. Sarai New Cairo 1,000-acre company near the ring road.

  3. Taj City on the Ring Road is one of MNHD's best projects.

  4. Etlalah El Abaseya Project.

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