Zed Park: Christmas Events

  Zed Park: It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

It would be great to feel the Christmas spirit and feel the winter vibes wherever you go.

What could warm up the winter’s cold better than going out with the good company to places that make you feel the Christmas atmosphere?

If you’re planning for a trip abroad just to spend Christmas and feel its original vibes, let me tell you that there’s no need for such a thing.

Currently, all around Egypt, you can find so many locations that present you with a unique surrounding atmosphere, as we can mention Zed Park, which will look like Santa is coming at any time.

So, beware of the Deer!

Introduction to the Park

Through this article, we will show you the main hot Christmas spots across Cairo as follows.

–        Winter Wonderland Egypt (ZED Park)

–          Walk of Cairo (WOC)

1-   What’s Walk Of Cairo?

2-   Walk Of Cairo Location

–        Waterway New Cairo

Zed Park: Winter Wonderland Egypt

Zed Park

  At Sheikh Zayed, Cairo’s western side, a yearly festival takes place celebrating Christmas and winter at Zed Park.

The Winter Festival at Zed Park Wonderland took place from November to January every year. It brings happiness and warmth to the winter and let you feel like you had traveled thousands of miles away while you hadn’t left your hometown.

Have you ever tried skating?

Probably not, it’s possible now at Zed Park through the Winter festival, through the 800 square meters Ice Rink.

Or ride the 50 meters high Ferris Wheel, ZED Eye, and have a look over Sheikh Zayed City, maybe further.

In addition to tens of other rides and games are available in Zed Park, surrounded by many restaurants, cafes, and eateries.

Zed Park is the perfect family going out destination during winter and Christmas times.

 Zed Park: Walk of Cairo (WOC)

  Also, in Sheikh Zayed City, the Walk of Cairo is full of Christmas spirit during these times of the year.

What’s Walk Of Cairo?

Walk of Cairo

Street, the answer is just as simple as that. A pedestrian high-street quality, full of fun and entertainment.

The Walk Of Cairo Mall or Street is one of the best Sheikh Zayed shopping and going out destinations; it has so many shops, cafes, and restaurants that will entertain your evening.

What makes the Walk of Cairo so unique during Christmas is its colorful decoration; red, white, and green are everywhere, lights are glowing waiting for Santa.

Walk Of Cairo Location

Walk of Cairo Location

Take me there, please, but where exactly?

Head to Sheikh Zayed, next to SODIC West gate. You’ll find Walk Of Cairo looking over Cairo Alexandria Desert Road.

Waterway New Cairo


  While at the eastern side of Cairo, another spot celebrates Christmas like the Santa’s Elves, it’s The Waterway New Cairo from

Christmas Decoration Everywhere, (imagine it as Buzz Lightyear said it), it’s literally.

Walk by the giant Christmas Tree, all lighted up, take a picture, then go have a meal or a hot drink from one of the high ranked Cafes and Restaurants.

It’s where you can feel the Christmas Vibes rolling around while you enjoy your time with family and friends.

In fact, one Waterway wasn’t enough. That’s why Waterway 2 New Cairo is taking place just a few minutes away from the first one.

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