Zed Park: Winter Wonderland

Zed Park: Winter Wonderland 

This Winter Festival of 2020 ZED Park brings you the optimum festive experience that will brighten up your winter. ZED Winter festival every year takes over Sheikh Zayed’s most spectacular new space from November till January.

ZED Park brought joy and amusement to an extreme level, 800 sqm ice rink, It’s one of several main attractions taking centre stage alongside a gravity-defying swing and the kind of uplifting carousel you thought only existed in movies, as well as the piece de resistance: a sky-high, 50-metre-plus Ferris wheel, their very own ZED Eye. 

Lots of other rides and games are also available from classic carnival games, tea cups, go karting and many more exquisite performances and international shows to let you have a one of kind experience that you can’t have elsewhere.

 There are plenty of kiosks here for you to enjoy and devour, with food and beverage stalls from the best dishes of Butchers Burger and Kazouza, to the sweet-tooth-satisfying delights of Cinnabon and Coldstone, to the warm heartfelt taste of Brown Nose Coffee and Qahwa, there’s certainly no shortage of variety to make this an experience to remember.

They are always happy to have you around and be part of the very special Zed Park: Winter Wonderland.

Their working hours:

  • Saturday to Wednesday from 2:00PM to 10:00PM 
  • Thursday and Friday from 2:00PM to 12:00PM

Zed Park: Winter Wonderland  Location

Firstly its location, El-Horeya, Al Sheikh Zayed, Giza Governorate is Zed Park’s Exact Location, so you better check this map to know how to get there, and fast! 

Zed Park: Winter Wonderland  games: 

  1. Flying Chairs: 50 EGP 
  2. Carousel: 50 EGP
  3. Circus Train: 25 EGP 

So, These are example and there are categories for the prices that include each game that you can enjoy in the park: 

Category 100 pounds games:

Ferris Wheel and Kidzania Go

Category 75 pounds:

Horror house game, Balloon Race game and Ice Rink game.

Ice Rink

50 pounds category games:

Flying Chairs, Go Karting and Carousel.

Games category of 25 pounds:
Jump Around and ten fun games for children and adults in the “Carnival Games”, Swings Ride, Fire Bridge, Tea Cups, Mini Ferris Wheel and Circus Train. 

Carnival Aisle

Zed Park Tickets

Zed Ticket Games

Ticket price on holidays: for adults 165 pounds, and for children from 4 to 12 years old, 135 pounds.

Ticket price on regular weekdays: 115 pounds for adults, and 95 pounds for children.

To Clarify, Children under 4 years old are free to enter Zed Park. The ticket includes entry to a Zed Park car garage, and a credit of 100 pounds for games, which can be used in 4 games of 25 pounds or a game of 100 pounds or two games of 50 pounds. 

Zed Park family ticket for 50 pounds:

Family Tickets have also been offered for ZED park trips for a family or family consisting of two adults and two children, at a price of only 50 pounds, and the entry of the nanny is free.

Moreover, This family ticket includes credit for trips only, and does not include 50 Egyptian pounds to enter the park for each person in the family, and entrance fees are paid at the gate only, and a child under 4 years old is without an entry ticket. 

Zed Park Restaurants

Above all, ZED Park managed to get some of the country’s most delicious eateries that catered to everyone’s taste buds. Along with the best and top rated restaurants and Cafes in Egypt so here’s the top 10 that will BLOW YOUR MIND

  1. Loukomades
  2. Butcher’s burger
  3. Desouky & Soda
  4. Kazouza
  5. Cinnabon
  6. Dolato
  7. Italiano Egypt

Likewise, those restaurants and many kiosks are there in Zed Park to give different delights to your day there. They entertain you, feed you and add to your locker an experience that you haven’t experienced before. 

In Conclusion, Zed Park is an essential journey you need to partake for your winter to be as joyful and wonderful as you want it to be. So get your bucket lists ready for some new additions! 

Zed Park: Winter Wonderland is a mere part of the whole Zed complexity. For more about the Zed Complex you can check Zed Zayed that interconnected courtyards giving all residents access to generous and private landscaped open spaces.

For more details and information you can check our Youtube channel or our Facebook page  

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