VGK New Cairo

  VGK New Cairo, our guide to a unique living experience. 

It’s an abbreviation for something big, something huge; it’s the Village Gardens Katameya Compound Palm Hills.

From the name, you get the idea; it’s a vast green space, which includes an inner neighborhood.

It takes place in Cairo’s east side, adding a luxurious glance to it.

However, Palm Hills has so many projects, so many hitting compounds, known all around Cairo, Alexandria, Sokhna, and North Coast; what makes the Village Gardens Katameya so different?

To answer, we need to go deeper into the project and discuss its aspects in details as following:

–        VGK New Palm Hills Location

–        VGK Master Plan

–        Units in VGK New Cairo and Prices

1-    Apartments for sale in VGK New Cairo

2-    Townhouses for sale in VGK New Cairo

3-    VGK Villa for sale

VGK New Palm Hills Location

  VGK New Cairo is actually glowing in east Cairo, where everybody is heading to avoid crowded towns and neighborhoods and seeking for a better quieter life.

Through this area, a lot of developers were competing and racing to create many compounds and communities to keep up with the real estate market needs.

The VGK New Cairo, Palm Hills compound, occupies a brilliant location, making the compound in the heart of vibrant life.

It is taking a middle position between all New Cairo’s vibrant spots, enough to say it’s just a few minutes away from both north and south 90 road.

Also, no need to mention that it’s close to the point 90 mall and the American University in Cairo.

VGK Master Plan

  When you are about to buy a property, you should have a look over the project master plan first. Is it well distributed, cozy, keep your privacy, and makes you feel connected at the same time?

Obviously, it has a master plan that carries the Palm Hills effect, a lot of open spaces, with greeneries, units are quite apart from each other, still keeping them connected. These are all some of the Palm Hills qualities, which distinguishes every project they build.

However, to be more accurate, let’s talk in detail for a while; the VGK New Cairo Compound spreads over 285 000 square meters of land area, three-fifth of which is for buildings and units. In contrast, the remaining site is dedicated to open spaces and gardens only, to give a room for a comfortable clean breathing.

While you are walking around in the VGK New Cairo compound, you’ll get to enjoy pedestrians’ tracks that cover all over the compound. In addition to so many facilities and amenities, which will make your life in VGK New Cairo more comfortable and more exciting.

VGK MasterPlan

Units in VGK New Cairo and Prices


Village Gardens Katameya
2,750,000 EGP EGP
penthouse vgk delivered lowest price
Village Gardens Katameya
2,900,000 EGP EGP
Corner Duplex with roof in Premium location
Village Gardens Katameya
3,650,000 EGP EGP
Amazing Townhouse Middle in VGK- Palm Hills

Palm Hills offers a wide unit selection through the VGK New Cairo to fulfill a large customer segment.

We are going to discuss the different unit types with the average price according to each unit type and area.

Apartments for sale in VGK New Cairo

Apartments in VGK

  Your apartment area in Village Gardens Katameya Palm Hills could be one of many available options.

Apartments sizes start from 115 square meters and reach up to 210 square meters.

Prices vary according to size and unit location; it could start from 1,650,000 EGP and reaches 4,000,000 EGP.

Townhouses for sale in VGK New Cairo

Townhouse in VGK

  Also, you can own a more private unit, more luxurious townhouse.

Areas are from 220 to almost 420 square meters.

A townhouse could cost from 3,700,000 EGP to around 6,000,000 EGP.

VGK Villa for sale

Villas in VGK

  You can also pick a villa to guarantee more privacy and luxury.

Villa sizes vary between 250 to 405 square meters.

However, a villa price in VGK New Cairo starts from 4,500,000 EGP to 6,500,000 EGP. You can find this and more from Palm Hills Developments.

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