The Drive by The Waterway

The Drive by The Waterway: In those tough times where social distancing is key, restaurants and cafes are losing their business. Alternatives are discovered and integrated so a new concept is being introduced to the scene by the waterway developments which is called “The Drive”

 Integrating the drive through culture in Egypt is important in battling those challenging times that we are facing because of COVID. The project is coming soon to New Cairo and is expected to host a number of restaurants and coffee shops that will get your mouth watering in no time.  It’s an up and coming project that is helping save businesses and keeping people safe. So let’s dive in and see what this project is all about, we will discuss: 

  1. The Drive by The Waterway Location 
  2. The Drive by The Waterway Concept Design
  3. A glimpse of the restaurants and coffee shops that The Drive by The Waterway offers

The Drive by The Waterway Location 

The project lies on the Ring Road near South Teseen behind Maward Mall and near CarGaz gas Station, there are many landmarks and known projects and facilities that is the near The Drive By The Waterway: 

  • Behind Choueifat School 
  • Near Credit Agricole Egypt Head Office 
  • Close to Salah El Din Mosque 
  • Near 5A By The Waterway 
  • Close to Triumph Luxury Hotel 
  • Near Katameya Heights Road

The Project’s prominent location will help it as it’s near many known landmarks whether Residential or Commercial to attract as many people as possible. 

The Drive by The Waterway Concept Design 

They aimed to be as unique as it can be to deliver an experience not seen before in Egypt and integrate the drive through the proper way. Aiming for a friendly environment full of cozy settings that pleases the eye, warms the heart and satisfies the belly. 

They are using a container instead of the traditional shop look giving it a more natural feel and a new look to match this new experience. Drive Throughs are available in Egypt of course but not as many and isn’t a widely used notion here so hopefully this helps. A container gives the setting a more natural vibe to warm your heart and connect with your surroundings. Along with eye catching Graffiti that is unique and colorful that pleases your eye making The Drive By The Waterway a destination you long for. 

Now to the food. 

 Restaurants and Coffee Shops

  1. Sagra 
  2. Espresso Lab 
  3. Dolato 
  4. Butlers Bakery 
  5. Starbucks 
  6. Maine Egypt
  7. Ohbetty Diner
  8. Cinnabon
  9. Seven Fortunes Coffee Roasters 
  10. The BRGR Truck 

So as they like to call it that is indeed a queue of cravings that is bound to satisfy your taste buds in every possible sense. 

The Drive by The Waterway is coming soon to you, and we can honestly say that we can’t wait for it to arrive! As it’s also close to the Waterway Villas so we are waiting for the opening excitedly!

So here’s a glimpse of what The Drive by The Waterway has to offer.

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