The Crown Palm Hills

The Crown Palm Hills represents one of the latest additions to Palm Hills’s portfolio in West Cairo. Its design is according to prestigious engineering designs.
The Crown

The project is a Standalone Villas and Twin House. In this article, we will discuss the below: 

  • The Crown Palm Hills Location
  • Project Services
  • The Crown Palm Hills Master Plan
  • Project Units
  • The Crown Palm Hills Prices

The Crown Palm Hills Location

Firstly, it is located on the 6th of October city and it is also adjacent to Golf Views project.

Secondly, The Crown compound is about 10 minutes south of the 26th of July corridor and Sheikh Zayed city as well. Hence, gaining the advantage of accessing mains roads to Alexandria, Giza, and Cairo very easily especially.

Thirdly, neighboring to the project from the east is the NEW GIZA project.

The Crown Palm Hills is so close to prime entertainment locations such as Mall of Arabia, Egypt’s Mall, Arkan, and Galleria.

Project Services

The compound also has a number of facilities and services such as golf, commercial area, and sports club to meet the needs of all of the residents. 

Furthermore, The Crown Palm Hills compound takes pride in offering its clients an outdoor shopping and dining district boosting the charm of the place.

Also, residents have full access to the facilities at hand in Palm Hills October such as The Bear clubhouse, in addition, Jack Nicklaus Golf Course, Palm Central, and Palm Hills October Clubhouse

Also, the project is gated with security and property management services around the clock.

In Addition, it offers services like Dog House, Cafes and Restaurants, Sports club, Gymnasium equipped, Golf area, Sports academies, Shopping centers.

The Crown Palm Hills Master Plan

It has an area of 190 acres divided into a 14.2% residential area containing villas and twin houses.

While 49.3% are made for landscape, public spaces, and roads to allow the necessary balance of a healthy environment. The last 8% are set up for commercial use.

Project Units

Unit areas in this project start from 305 m² to 631 m². Most of all, The Compound provides a variety of options for units. It offers:

Standalone Villa types are in a range of 4 types and two type of twin houses:

A – Built up area 632 m² – Land 932 m²

B – built up area 513 m² – Land 752 m²

C – Built up area 432 m² – Land 631 m²

D – built up area 383 m² – Land 523 m²

E – built up area 287 m² – Land 420 m²

M – built-up area 218 m² – Land 299 m²

Twin house 1 – built up area 305 m² – Land 375 m²

Twin house 2 – built up area 359 m² – Land 320 m²

Townhouse corner – built up area 208 m² – Land 212 m²

Townhouse Middle  – built up area 212 m² – Land 215 m²

Ground unit: built up area 218 m² – average garden area 317 m²

Penthouse unit: built up area 275 m² – Roof terrace 162 m²

The Crown Palm Hills Prices

The Crown
5,500,000 EGP EGP
معرض عقارات سيتى سكيبTHE CROWNبدون مقدم اسكن بفيلا
The Crown
6,943,900 EGP EGP
Stand Alone for sale The Crown Palm Hills 6October
The Crown
4,500,000 EGP EGP
Townhouse in the Crown palm hills over 9 years installments

Prices in this compound start from 5,000,000 EGP and you can pay a 15% down payment and installments for over 7 years. Or, have a payment plan and a 10% down payment and 5% after 3 months with installments up to 8 years. Project managment will deliver all units by 2024. All of that and more offered to you by Palm Hills Development.

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