The Alley Marassi

The Alley Marassi promises to be a fulfilling experience coming from Emaar Misr in Marassi North Coast. The Alley is looking to re-define your summer and entertain you in unprecedented ways. It’s not open yet but we are very excited and honestly we can’t wait. For more on what’s new in Sahel you can check out Lakeyard; Your Favorite Summer Destination.

So here’s what we know already about what’s going to be there. 

The Alley Marassi Design 

It’s inspired from ancient greek heritage but has a variety of cultures embedded all over their design so you can feel like you are walking through the world. Consequently, The coast of wonders never ceases to surprise and entertain & The Alley in Marassi is just the beginning of surprises in the North Coast.

The Alley Marassi Restaurants

Trying to get you the best of the best in Marassi so you can have an extraordinary vacation the Alley in Marassi has a queue of amazing restaurants that will get your mouth watering already. 

Clams & Claws 

Clams and Claws is a seafood restaurant that encourages you to dive in right away with their unforgettable flavors, quick bites and refreshing delicious menu options. 

Instagram handle: @clamsnclaws

Eden Bakery & Coffeehouse 

Starting your day with freshly baked goods that are cheesy, creamy and is a complete delight for your taste buds. 

Instagram handle:

Hola Tacos 

When we said you will take a walk through the world we weren’t kidding. Hola Tacos is coming to introduce you to the mexican/Tex-Mex world of cuisine wonders. 

Instagram handle: @itsholatacos

Trés Bon 

A whole new experience with Trés Bon that has EVERYTHING you would wish for in a restaurant from breakfast, lunch to delicious desserts. 

Instagram handle: @tresbonegypt

Seven Fortunes 

We don’t like to exaggerate but Seven Fortunes Coffee is considered one of the seven wonders of the world and it’s coming to the Alley in Marassi. 

Instagram handle: @sevenfortunes

Tamara Bistro 

Tamara Bistro brings the tabbouleh to Marassi while preserving its lebanese authenticity. Coming To the Alley in Marassi. 

Instagram handle: @tamaralebanesebistro

That’s just a glimpse of what’s coming to the Alley. 

Let’s talk shopping! 

The Alley Marassi Shops 

Whenever you’re in a vacation there’s always an urge for you to get something as a souvenir and now you can!

The Alley Marassi Shops: EGO

A multi-brand store, here since 2006 and is redefining easy, simple fashion in Egypt. 

Instagram handle: @ego_eg

The Alley Marassi Shops: Nile Eyewear 

The first Egyptian Eyewear brand, established in 2012 that will make you look cool on the beach With its awesome chic sunglasses that are inspired by Egyptian heritage. 

Instagram handle: @nileeyewear


A unique style for a unique brand in a one of a kind place like the Alley. Explore their diverse set of clothing only on the coast of wonders. 

Instagram handle: @bambah


A true luxurious harmonious bag store that elevates your taste is coming to the Alley in Marassi. 

Instagram handle: @okhtein

Maison 69

A retail space dedicated to fashion with a diverse variety of beautiful clothes. 

Instagram handle: @maison69store

Villa Baboushka 

The home where art, design & fashion meet to produce the most unique collections possible. 

Instagram handle: @villababoushka

That’s only a sneak peak of what’s there as they have many more top-notch stores available at your disposal. 

To sum up the Alley is coming to change the vacation scene in the North Coast. Things are never going to be the same. So are you ready? 

We know we are. 

For more details and information you can check our Youtube Channel or our Facebook Page

*This Blog is made to provide you with general information as well as an overview on the market updates. So all prices mentioned here are subject to change at any time based on economic changes and developer requirements.* 

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