Tatweer Misr

Tatweer Misr is an Egyptian shareholding real estate company established in 2014 with its eye on changing the real estate market in Egypt. So in this article we will be discussing: 

1- Tatweer Misr’s background 

2- Tatweer Misr’s Projects 

Firstly, The combined expertise of the management team allows the company to maintain excellence at all levels of their developments. From construction, design and architecture, to landscaping and lifestyle services and amenities.

Tatweer Misr covers all the facets of the real estate industry offering a fresh outlook on their projects. But The unique vision of the team in the development of real estate projects focuses on building upon and assimilating the stunning natural environments of the areas in which they are located.

IL Monte Galala will usher in a new era of artistic vision in resorts while retaining the offering of an all exclusive development that focuses on a mix of residential, retail, commercial and hospitality. 

Tatweer Misr background:

Tatweer Misr

Secondly, They distinguish their unique architectural designs as the company is known by its credibility and honesty in dealing with all its customers while providing the best quotes and payment facilities that give you the opportunity to pay within several years.

In addition to being the best, Tatweer Misr is an Egyptian joint-stock company and there are many businessmen has contributed to the development of the company like for example:

  • Dr. Ahmed Shalabi, the advisor of the Minister of Housing, has contributed greatly to the establishment of Tatweer Misr.
  • Mr. Hamada Dawood, the owner of Water Motors Company Madeko, played an active role in the establishment of the company.
  • Mr. Sami Zaytoun, the owner of Madico Water Supply Company, has contributed effectively to the establishment of the company.
  • Dr. Samir Aref, owner of Al Ahram Locks.
  • Businessman Ashraf Arafa.

Meanwhile the company’s great keenness to choose an excellent location that attracts customers without thinking. 

Tatweer Misr’s Projects: 

In conclusion, Tatweer Misr has an aspiring story that leads to many developments and projects that transcends the taste in real estate in Egypt and attracts residents.

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