Sodic Westown Prices and Master Plan

Sodic Westown Prices and Master Plan

Sodic Westown Prices and Master Plan: Sodic Developments is concurring the Sheikh Zayed City by its west community.

Westown Residence has wide importance to prove their domination.

Sodic had created the Westown Residence in 2011. It was taking a significant challenge to launch such a big project while the country was passing through critical political times. However, since then, Sodic Egypt has sold 10 phases.

Why choose Westown Residence Sodic?

We are here to make it clear for you. Let’s discuss the Westown Residence Aspects as following:

  • Master Plan Westown Sodic Sheikh Zayed
  • Westown Sodic Location 
  • Westown Sodic Amenities

1- Westown Hub Sodic 

2- Westown Residence Courtyard

3- Westown other Amenities 

  • Westown Residence Sodic Prices

1- Sodic apartments for sale at Westown

2- Westown Duplexes for sale

3- Twin Houses for sale at Westown 

4- Townhouses for sale at Westown   

Westown Sodic Sheikh Zayed Master Plan

The Sodic West Compound covers 1.4 million square meters of the Sheikh Zayed city total area. A wide site, but full of open spaces, gardens, and green pedestrian spines, provides residents the privilege of keeping their privacy and avoiding the concrete structure’s view.

Westown Residence Sodic also offers a wide unit selection, from standard apartments, duplexes, townhouses, and twin houses, all surrounded by greenery.

Westown sodic Location

Westown sodic Location

Sodic has built up its town through the west community; several projects form a powerful bond together to concur the Sheikh Zayed City.

Westown lies on the edge of Sheikh Zayed City, bounded by the Cairo Alexandria Desert Road. Nearby to the heart of Sheikh Zayed City, also just a few minutes away from Zayed’s entrance number 5.

Westown Residence Amenities

The Westown Hub Sodic

The Westown Hub Sodic

The going out first option destination lies just at the heart of the Westown Compound. As it’s combining some of the best restaurants, cafes, and shops in Cairo.

Sodic has built up the Westown Hub on a 16,000 Square meters area spot to be a family destination to have some fun.

The hub has over 49 different eateries, a 3500 square meter area kids playground, an open-air piazza pedestrian-friendly, with more than 23 different worldwide brands shops.

Westown Residence Courtyard

Westown Residence Courtyard

A unique neighborhood, located in Westown’s heart. It provides some unique designs to its residents.

The Courtyard neighborhood also provides its residents with the option of having a private garden.

Westown Other Amenities

Obviously, The West Compound is a part of the West community, and it’s an integrated community.

It has everything you could ever need, Westown Medical for health care, Sodic’s Club, malls, and a Golf Course nearby at the Allegria Residence.

Westown Residence Sodic Prices

Sodic Apartments for Sale at Westown

 A square meter at an apartment could cost between 13,000 to 16,000 EGP.

Hence units sizes up to 207 square meters.

A 207 square meters apartment could cost around 3,200,000 EGP.

Westown Duplexes for Sale

Westown Duplexes for Sale

Duplexes could cost 3,800,000 EGP, as a square meter could cost around 14,000 EGP. However, Sodic offers Duplexes of different sizes that could reach up to 240 square meters.

Twin House for Sale at Westown

A square meter costs around 15,000 EGP, knowing that a Twin House area could reach up to more than 300 square meters.

Townhouses for Sale at Westown

Areas vary from 275 to 333 square meters, with a variable price according to location, that starts from around 15,000 EGP and could reach up to 18,000 EGP.

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