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Sodic Projects: What makes the difference between a thing and another? It has always been the million dollar question for over all of human history.

For me, the answer would be “previous experience,” or what we call history. If you have a shining history, the trust level will increase, if not, why would we do business? 

That’s what Sodic has in abundance, a history full of successful projects; they worked under any circumstances, even when the 2011 revolution disrupted the economy.

About Sodic

Walkthrough Sodic

 Firstly, The company, established in 1996 and has launched the first project in Sheikh Zayed on an area of 10 million square meters.

A group of businessmen founded the company with the intention to lead the real estate market in Egypt. As we can mention Mr. Hani Sari Aldin the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Eng. Majid Sharif the Chairman of the Executive Board, and with some expert businessmen and engineers.

Sodic was a pioneer in creating the closed compound community, with a lot of open spaces and gardens surrounding the residences.

Their first project, called Beverly Hills, and since then the developing aspects had revolted in Egypt widely.

Sodic Projects Information

  To know more about Sodic Projects, let’s go through their history and get the full image, to know what we should expect in their future projects.


Beverly Hills 

Beverly Hills
Beverly Hills

  Their firstborn project, taking the housing to a whole new level of luxury and privacy. Beverly Hills, one of the first ever large scale residential compounds in Sheikh Zayed City.

Beverly Hills Location

Off the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road. Beverly Hills has developed into a cozy yet vibrant community, and has become a sought out address in west Cairo. Property value in Beverly Hills has more than doubled in the past six to 12 months.

Beverly Hills Prices

Beverly Hills prices vary from 2,250,000 to more than 4,200,000 

Sodic Westown

Sodic Westown
Sodic Westown

Westown Residence Beverly Hills is one of the projects of Sodic Real Estate Company, established last year in Sheikh Zayed City.

The total investment of the project was about 15 billion pounds compared to the East Town project, which exceeded 10 billion pounds. Thus, the project is one of the largest compared to others. The budget corresponds to the volume of services provided in the project, and we will talk about it later, but it must be mentioned that the reason behind this is to provide high-end life in an integrated compound until it becomes a small city. 

Sodic Westown Location

Located in the sixteenth district of Sheikh Zayed City which is one of the high-end neighborhoods in Sheikh Zayed, next to the fourth, eighth, ninth, and fourteenth districts.

Sodic Westown Services 

Services included many swimming pools for adults and children and others for women. Many sports fields designed for many activities, so you can play football and squash, and you can play golf and tennis. A mosque for worship and a beauty center.

The project also organized Sodic West Schools for children in addition to international schools and nurseries for children. You also find a large health club with multiple services, such as gyms, spa, and jacuzzi. The project provided Sodic West malls for entertainment, as well as a dedicated area for international restaurants and cafes at the highest levels of the hotel. We must also mention the permanent guard of the West Town project to ensure your safety and follow the safety procedures and provide you with protection around the clock.

Units of the Sodic Westown project

The number of units in the West project is 2,390 units, which vary in types and prices accordingly. The types of units are many and many, we have apartments, and villas vary, so you can choose a townhouse, a twin house, or a duplex villa. The areas of Sodic West apartments start from 100 square meters to 300 square meters for young people and small families.

 You can also buy a villa from Sodic West villas, starting from 320 square meters to 700 square meters. This is for residential units. As for the administrative units, the project provides you with administrative and office units as headquarters for companies, clinics, or commercial projects. It also provided shops of various sizes. 

Prices for Sodic Westown project (Sodic Westown rent) 

Prices start from 2,400.00 pounds and increase according to the selected unit area. As for the method of payment, there are two options, either the customer chooses to pay 10% of the unit price and installs the rest over seven years, or he chooses to pay a 15% downpayment and installs the rest over nine years.

Allegria Residence 

Allegria Residence

  This project is the pinnacle of modernity with history’s essence, this project is the latest of Sodic projects on the west. Located on Sodic west main road, in Sheikh Zayed City.

It’s also ready to move into the project, with a fully-finished apartment at delivery time. This compound is a summary of all the previous Sodic projects, having a mixture of all the facilities and luxurious amenities that are in any other project.

The residence has a wide Allegria Golf Club, with some artificial lakes between the extremely vast green landscape.

Without missing all the other facilities, Sodic is providing a clubhouse, restaurants, and security.

Allegria Residence Location 

Situated on the most prime location of SODIC West, next to Patio, Westown, Beverly Hills, Etapa. Allegria Residence is located directly on Road A, overlooking The Greg Norman Allegria Signature Golf Course, and in between The Polygon offices and Forty West luxury apartments. Only a short walk away from Westown Hub, Allegria Residence’s homeowners will be spoilt with options from casual food trucks to fancy restaurants for the whole family. Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road Dahshour Allegria Residence is located between two of SODIC’s most prominent award-winning projects, Forty West and The Polygon, and overlooks a spectacular view of Allegria’s signature Golf Course. Allegria Residence is perfectly positioned to take advantage of everything that SODIC West has to offer; SODIC Sports Club, Westown Hub, and BISC. Luxury Fully finished apartments overlooking Allegria and Westown in Zayed.

Allegria Units

Units are available in different kinds and sizes. Apartments are available from 120 square meters.

Villas are available from 270 square meters. Townhouses are available from 261 square meters. And twin-houses are available from 350 square meters.

Allegria is where you can get a full image of Sodic, as it combines all the developer’s legacy in only one project. 

VYE Sodic Compound

VYE compound is considered an integrated modern city as it contains residential complexes along with all the services that you may need, many green spaces and lakes, as well as entertainment services Such as clubs, cafes and restaurants. It is a mixed-use project that provides you with a home where you can live, learn, work, shop and relax, where you live without restrictions and discover a truly unique and new living experience and VYE Sodic is located in New Zayed.

VYE Sodic Compound Location 

VYE Sodic Compound Location
VYE Sodic

It is located in one of the most famous places in Sheikh Zayed area, which has recently gained the attention of all, especially investment companies in the field of real estate, due to the acquisition of this companies to a large number of land allocated to the construction and the implementation of a number of giant projects with unique specifications and high-quality standards and the use of the best possibilities made the region very much like the best global regions especially that it has one of the best important locations close to all the vital places that are few minutes from the compound making it surrounded by all the services that many customers want, especially as it approaches the center of Greater Cairo.

VYE Sodic Compound is located near many vital places:

  • Sodic West Sheikh Zayed.
  • Sphinx Airport.
  • The Grand Museum.
  • Mohandseen City and Heliopolis.
  • Cairo-Alexandria Desert road.
  • Arkan Mall.

VYE Sodic Compound Prices
Prices start from 2,146,000 EGP, and payment is made by way of a 5,000 EGP reservation and installment up to 8 years.

VYE Sodic Compound Units

 Apartment, Twin Villa, Town House, Standalone Villa.

About Sodic Future


  After those Sodic projects had reached a certain level of success in the west yard of Cairo, the company had decided to conquer the east yard of the capital, by launching a series of projects with the same Sodic’s personality.

Sodic East Residence 

Sodic East Residence
Sodic East Residence

 As similar to Westown Residence, but taking place on the 90 road, new Cairo. It has the Sodic West soul vividly noticeable, offering all the facilities that a resident could need in his daily life.

The Eastown Residence Compound has a clubhouse, mall, spa, private gardens, wide green spaces, a swimming pool, gym, and a lot of restaurants and cafes.

Units are available in four kinds:

  • Apartments start from 125 square meters.
  • Duplexes start from 234 square meters.
  • Penthouses start from 153 square meters.
  • And villas start from 285 square meters.

Sodic East Location

The compound is well-situated in the 6th district of New Heliopolis city between New Cairo and New Capital City. The compound has easy access to Cairo through a number of main roads: The first ring road, the second ring road, the Suez and Ismailia Roads in addition to the New Sherouk Eastern Road.

Sodic East Properties 

  • Standalone villas.
  • Townhouses.
  • Twin houses.

Sodic East Prices 

Prices for properties in Sodic East new Heliopolis City’s first stage are lower than those in New Cairo and Future City as follows:

  • East Villas: Prices range between 5,250,000 LE and 6,000,000 LE.
  • Townhouses: Average price is 4,600,000 LE.
  • Sodic East Twin houses: Average price is 3,900,000 LE.

North Coast 



  Of course, such a developer could not miss invading the north coast, the summer’s first destination.

5,300,000 EGP EGP
Chalet|Caesar|Ready | Semi Finished
4,600,000 EGP EGP
Ground Chalet 3 BR- Caesar – Sodic - North cost
5,800,000 EGP EGP
Standalone chalet upper sea view special price

Caesar Location

On the 82nd km of Alexandria-Matrouh road, the resort exists. Taking a good spot on the blue sea. The resort is offering all facilities needed to spend an unforgettable vacation. Enjoy some wonderful day times on the beach, and some awesome nights vibrant with life.

 In Conclusion, To know about sodic projects , you should analyze their previous projects, and then you’ll know what to expect in the future.

Without any doubt, the company is taking some serious steps towards prosperity. For more on Sodic you can check Sodic History that leads to future.

So For more details and information you can check our Youtube Channel or our Facebook Page.

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