SODIC History that leads to the Future


SODIC: What makes the difference between a thing and another? It has always been the million dollar question for over all of human history.

For me, the answer would be “previous experience,” or what we call history. If you have a shining history, the trust level will increase, if not, why would we do business? 

That’s what SODIC has in abundance, a history full of successful projects; they worked under any circumstances, even when the 2011 revolution disrupted the economy.


  The company was established in 1996 and has launched the first project in Sheikh Zayed on an area of 10 million square meters.

A group of businessmen founded the company with the intention to lead the real estate market in Egypt. As we can mention Mr. Hani Sari Aldin the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Eng. Majid Sharif the Chairman of the Executive Board, and with some expert businessmen and engineers.

In Addition, SODIC was a pioneer in creating the closed compound community, with a lot of open spaces and gardens surrounding the residences.

Their first project was called Beverly Hills, and since then the developing aspects had revolted in Egypt widely.

The History

  To know more about SODIC, let’s go through their history and get the full image, to know what we should expect in their future projects.


beverly hills sodic

Beverly Hills

  Their firstborn project, taking the housing to a whole new level of luxury and privacy.

The project was delivered in 2003, and currently, it has more than 3000 families enjoying their lives within the compound walls.

Westown Residence

Westown Residence

  It was where SODIC was challenging the weak status of the Egyptian economy in 2011, by releasing the Westown Residence project, to be a guideline for many other developers after them.

Most importantly, The project was offering a variety of apartments, duplexes, townhouses, and twin-houses. With different areas, all surrounded by green spaces and pedestrians walk lanes.

Meanwhile, Sodic has sold ten phases of this project, and delivery is going well underway, to be one of the leading SODIC projects.

forty west sodic

Forty West

  Launched in 2009, and it is located in Sheikh Zayed City. The compound is taking the sentence “ it has it all” as a slogan, as it was designed to offer the residents all the luxurious amenities just a few steps away.

As a result, SODIC had assigned two award-winning architects, Machado and Silvetti  to design this project. And this is one of the SODIC projects that deliver fully-finished apartments, in three different styles: Natural Zen, Urban Chic, and Modern Islamic.

allegria sodic

Allegria Residence

  This project is the pinnacle of modernity mixed with history’s essence, this project is the latest of Sodic projects on the west. Located on SODIC west main road, in Sheikh Zayed City.

It’s also ready to move into the project, with a fully-finished apartment at delivery time. This compound is a summary of all the previous Sodic projects, to clarify, Allegria has a mixture of all the facilities and luxurious amenities that were made in any other project.

Moreover, The residence has a wide Golf Course, with some artificial lakes between the extremely vast green landscape.

Most Importantly and without missing all the other facilities, Sodic is providing a clubhouse, restaurants, and security.

Allegria Units

Units are available in different kinds and sizes.
Apartments are available from 120 square meters.
Villas are available from 270 square meters.
Townhouses are available from 261 square meters.
And twin-houses are available from 350 square meters.

Therefore, Allegria is where you can get a full image of Sodic, as it combines all the developer’s legacy in only one project.

About SODIC Future


  After those SODIC projects had reached a certain level of success in the west yard of Cairo, the company consequently had decided to conquer the east yard of the capital, by launching a series of projects with the same SODIC’s personality.

Eastown Residence

Eastown Residence

 As similar to Westown Residence, but taking place on the 90 road, new Cairo. It has the Sodic West soul vividly noticeable, offering all the facilities that a resident could need in his daily life.

The Eastown Compound has a clubhouse, mall, spa, private gardens, wide green spaces, a swimming pool, gym, and a lot of restaurants and cafes.

Eastown Units

Units are available in four kinds:
Apartments start from 125 square meters.
Duplexes start from 234 square meters.
Penthouses start from 153 square meters.
And villas start from 285 square meters.

sodic east


  The latest project from SODIC, on the east side of Cairo, is located between two main throughways, Cairo Suez, and Cairo Ismailia roads.

Just minutes away from the New Administrative Capital, to be a connection between the old capital and the future one.

Above all, in this project, Sodic is revealing its intention to take a step closer to the perfect community. The company wants to concentrate more on the human being and try to provide him with what’s suitable for his lifestyle.

North coast



  Of course, such a developer could not miss invading the north coast, the summer’s first destination.

On the 82nd km of Alexandria-Matrouh road, the resort exists. Taking a good spot on the blue sea. The resort is offering all facilities needed to spend an unforgettable vacation. Enjoy some wonderful day times on the beach, and some awesome nights vibrant with life.

To know about SODIC, you should analyze their previous projects, and then you’ll know what to expect in the future.

Without any doubt, the company is taking some serious steps towards prosperity.

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