Sidi Heneish

Explore nature, the food, and the people, and simply enjoy your summer getaway. In Sidi Heneish you have multiple options for all of that you could wish for.

Experience the unique village lifestyle and see why it is a serenely beautiful destination for a lucky few.

In this article, we will talk about: 

  • Sidi Heneish Location
  • Famous Compounds 


Today, thanks to the new Fouka Road and nearby international airports, It has evolved: it’s centrally located, easily accessible, and full of life. At the 230 km Alexandria Matrouh coastal road on the northern coast. About 376 km (235 miles) west-northwest of Cairo.

Sidi Heneish Village

Sidi Heneish Beach

It is known for its simple architecture, quiet & calm location and is the go-to vacation spot for Alexandrians. The area is always innovating in their services and units along with adding new compounds that impresses its visitors.

Sidi Heneish Resort

Due to the unique location directly overlooking The Mediterranean Sea and enjoying its breeze, A lot of investors choose to spend on their dream holiday units. There’s a variety of resorts that you can choose from and we will cover a few:

  • White Bay North Coast
  • BAY 7 North Coast
  • Smeralda Bay North Coast
  • Bagosh North Coast

White Bay Sidi Heneish North Coast

White Bay Sidi Heneish

Developed by PACT Real Estate Agency, This resort guarantees that all units are 100%  sea view. Project management will deliver all units fully finished and you can choose between Chalets, Townhouse, Twin House, or Villas.

It comes with a 500-meter beach width, The depth of the village is 650 meters, and only about 13% ratio of buildings of the total land area. Above all, there will be about 600 units, and the remaining 87% of the land area is fully dedicated to other amenities. Spaces are starting from 74 meters. You can have a 15% Down payment and installment up to 7 years.

BAY 7  Sidi Heneish North Coast

Bay 7 Sidi Heneish

El Abd developed this project on Egypt’s Sahel or North Coast. Bay 7 North Coast has a total area of 280,000 meters (70 acres) and 90 villas. Villa land sizes range from 525 meters (3 bedrooms) to 2035 meters (7 bedrooms). The villas are built on different levels to give each villa a stunning view of the sea.

The beachfront of Bay 7 Sidi Heneish is 520 meters long. Most villas are overlooking both the beach as well as different swimming pools and water features.

Smeralda Bay Sidi Heneish North Coast

Smeralda Bay Sidi Heneish

Cleopatra Real Estate developments developed this project. The inspiration of the project came from nature with panoramic sea views in one of the world”s top 10 beaches in (2020). 

The resort lays on an area of 500 acres on the sea directly and the beach width 1500 meters. It offers chalets with different areas starting from 45 to 500 meters. You can have a 10% Down payment & payment plans for up to 10 years.

Bagosh Sidi Heneish North Coast

Bagosh Sidi Heneish

The resort has soft sandy beaches, with turquoise waters. The area of the project is made so that 20% can be used for construction and the rest 80% is for the landscape and lagoons. 

The residential units are designed in a U-shaped shape to have a clear view of the sea. In addition, they offer different types of units like; Chalets, palaces, apartments, villas, twin houses, and townhouses, with different sizes too. You can have a 10% Down payment & payment plans for up to 5 years. All of this and more in the beautiful North Coast where there are beautiful places like Ras El Hekma North Coast.

Sidi Heneish Beach 2021

Sidi Henish has become a destination for many not just for the views & the weather but also for the food and the mood with a selection of restaurants like the following:


Instagram handle: @thebrgrtruck

Baboo’s Tavarena

Instagram handle: @babbostaverna


Instagram handle: @thecookeryco

Pier 88

Instagram handle: @pier88egypt

Projects in Ras El Hekma near Sidi Heneish

June Ras El Hekma

El Masyaf North Coast

Cali Coast



Hacienda West

Almaza Bay

Mountain View Diplomats



Seashell Playa

Fouka Bay

La Vista Bay

Swan Lake North Coast


Mountain View Ras El Hekma

La Vista Ras El Hekma

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