Sheikh Zayed City Egypt, Real Estate Guide

Sheikh Zayed City Egypt, Real Estate Guide

Sheikh Zayed City: On the west side of what is called Greater Cairo.

precisely in the Giza Governorate, lies Sheikh Zayed City.

The city is next to October city, and just a few minutes away from Lebanon Square in Mohandessin, leads to the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road

with an area of 49 square Km.

Since 1995, Sheikh Zayed City took some leading steps to realize a certain level of living through so many projects and compounds all around the city.

Throughout this article.

we’ll give you some details about the following

Sheikh Zayed City projects:

  • Zayed Dunes
  • Greens Compound
  • Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed 

1- Casa Sheikh Zayed

2- Westlane Sheikh Zayed

  • Capstone Sheikh Zayed 
  • Sodic Sheikh Zayed

1-  Allegria 

2- Beverly Hills 

Sheikh Zayed Compounds

  The modern way of living now is to be within compound walls with all the needed facilities nearby and some vast green spaces all around you.

So here’s a list of compounds in Sheikh Zayed:

Zayed Dunes

Zayed Dunes

 Zayed Dunes has a high demand rate, as it includes some luxurious facilities and services, which takes up the standard of living to a whole new level.

Also, the Dunes Compound is easy to reach, only 5 minutes from the Hyper One Market, the famous Sheikh Zayed Landmark, 15 minutes from Lebanon Square, with easy access to Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road.

Zayed Dunes Units:

  The compound offers a wide selection of units with variable prices, such as apartments, villas, townhouses, twin houses, and mini townhouses.

While unit prices at Zayed Dunes start from 1,500,000 LE for the apartment and could reach 3,600,000 LE for the villas.

Zayed Dunes Master Plan:

  To understand how the Zayed Dunes compound has leveled up the manners of living, it’s very important to have a look over the compound master plan.

Privacy is vividly apparent from the first glance, and then you’ll realize that it’s all connected, and you can reach any point across the compound in just a few minutes, with the luxury of having swimming pools within the compound limits.

AURA (Dr. Raef Fahmy) had designed the Zayed Dunes compound, and it has two complete phases currently.

Greens Compound Sheikh Zayed

Greens Compound Sheikh Zayed

  In the heart of El Sheikh Zayed city, you’ll find the Greens Compound, covering 252,000 square meters, in the 6th district close to the American International School, connected to any facility you could ever need.

The Greens Compound Sheikh Zayed offers a luxurious selection of units, varying in type and prices.

As we can mention:

Apartments start from 4,200,000 LE.

Twin Houses start from 4,000,000 LE.

Townhouses start from 4,600,000 LE.

Villas start from 5,500,000 LE.

The Greens Compound is one of many projects that belong to Dorra Group, which was founded by Eng. Mohamed Hassan Dorra since 1943, and has a lot of leading projects, hitting a massive success in the real estate, construction, and tourism industries.

Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed

Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed city

 As one of Egypt’s most prominent developers, Palm Hills has a couple of projects around El Sheikh Zayed City to leave a Palm Hills print around the city.

Palm Hills had conquered all around Cairo from east to west and gone further to the north coast and Sokhna to present a high-quality residence for customers, whether for daily life or summer vacations.

So here are some of Palm Hills Projects around Sheikh Zayed:

Casa Sheikh Zayed

Casa Sheikh Zayed

 A huge project lies in the heart of Sheikh Zayed, covering 294,000 square meters of land.

Casa Sheikh Zayed has a wide unit selection of 1200 units with different types, surrounded by all the necessary facilities.

Also, Casa guarantees a full entertainment experience with various dining out options, which provide children’s play area.

Casa Sheikh Zayed prices vary according to the unit type, location, and area. Prices start at 1,250,000 LE for Apartments, 2,000,000 LE for Duplexes, and 2,400,000 LE for Penthouses.

Palm Hills, Westlane

Palm Hills, Westlane

Westlane BVLD is taking you across countries to make you feel like you’re walking in a European City.

It’s a commercial complex in the heart of Sheikh Zayed, which includes offices, clinics, and shops. To become the new Sheikh Zayed Downtown and the first destination for working, eating out, and shopping.

Westlane covers 57,000 square meters, built on the European style, using the typical European architecture to give it a unique vibe.

Capstone Sheikh Zayed

Capstone Sheikh Zayed

Paragon Developments

  A luxurious compound in the middle of Sheikh Zayed city spreads on 20 acres.

Even though Capstone Sheikh Zayed, is the perfect example of a calm and clean neighborhood, away from crowdie old cities and their pollution. Still, connected to any place, near any needed facility.

Capstone Sheikh Zayed location gives the compound an extra privilege, as it’s almost only a few minutes away from Sheikh Zayed Landmarks, like Hyper One market, Cairo University, Nile University, Canadian University, Sheikh Zayed specialized hospital, and Zayed Central Park.

Obviously Paragon Developments presents a wide unit selection, with different areas and types, from studio apartments, reaching up to standalone villas, passing by Twin houses, Townhouses, Duplexes, Penthouses, and standard apartments.

While at Capstone Sheikh Zayed, prices start from 1,200,000 LE up to 13,000,000 LE.

SODIC, Egypt

Allegria, SODIC Sheikh Zayed

Allegria, SODIC Sheikh Zayed

SODIC Developments is one of the leading companies that present luxurious compounds all around Egypt.

However, Allegria compound is the SODIC fingerprint at Sheikh Zayed, as they used to exist all around us.

SODIC offers its customers one of the most extensive Golf Courses in Egypt through the Allegria compound, with the chance of having a unit with a view of some wide green spaces of the Golf course.

At Allegria, you can pick one of the following units, apartments, Twin Houses, Townhouses, or villas.

Allegria Compound SODIC Sheikh Zayed Prices:

Apartments and Twin Houses’ average prices are 4,000,000 LE.

While Townhouses prices start from 2,800,000 LE.

And a square meter in a villa worth 30,000 LE.

Beverly Hills Sheikh Zayed

Beverly Hills Sheikh Zayed

  Of course, we cannot talk about Sheikh Zayed City without mentioning Beverly Hills.

Beverly Hills is one of the earliest compounds of Sheikh Zayed and SODIC itself. It was the raw idea of creating a close neighborhood that includes all the living facilities, luxuriously, and high security.

Through this project, SODIC presents a selection of apartments, Twin Houses, Townhouses, and Villas, with prices starting from 2,650,000 LE, for an average of 12,500 LE per Square meter.

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