Your Sahel Fitness Guide 2021

Sahel Fitness has become a very big deal in recent years. You don’t go to Sahel to just sit and relax anymore. You have to work up and sweat and release those endorphins that come with working out. People want to have a nice time and in recent years sitting down and doing nothing just doesn’t cut it anymore. So we found the best Sahel fitness locations that you will find all over Sahel.  You can also read more about places to go in Sahel in this article Lakeyard; Your Favorite Summer Destination.

So let’s get grinding, shall we?  

Sahel Fitness: LA7 

LA7 Gym

One of the best Gyms/Fitness Centers in the area aiming to set new benchmarks for rapid and outstanding physical transformations. 

Instagram handle: @la7gym 

Location: Seashell North Coast. 

Sahel Fitness: Ignite 


One of the best and well known training facilities around providing private trainers, cross-fit, nutrition plans and many more. 

Instagram handle: @ignite.egypt 

Location: Bo Island.

Sahel Fitness: Ozone 

Ozone Gym

Here to help people reach the best and healthiest version of themselves. Ozone is looking to change how you view working out and help you lead a healthy life. 

Instagram handle: @ozonebyoz 

Location: Marassi

Sahel Fitness: Hit Egypt 

Hit Egypt

How can you not join the Hit community? This season Hit Egypt is back with double the place, double the equipment and double the fun! 

Instagram handle: @hitegypt

Location: Telal El Alamein

Sahel Fitness: Brass Monkeys Studios 

Brass Monkeys Studios

Want to workout, meditate and find inner peace? Then Brass Monkeys Studio is your answer with their diverse programs that will be the best part of your summer! 

Instagram handle: @Brassmonkeysstudios

Location: La Vista Bay

Sahel Fitness: Eden Wellness By Farah Nofal 

Eden Wellness by Farah Nofal

If you’re a yogi or you would like to be, then joining Farah Nofal by the beach should be your first priority. 

Instagram handle: @edenwellnesseg

Location: Safi Beach, Marassi

Sahel Fitness: Befit 


How can we say workout and not mention one of the oldest in the business? Befit is back again to help you work a summer sweat and bring you new additions such as endurance, the box and cycling.  

Instagram handle: @befit.360 

Location: Hacienda Bay (Cycling) & Hacienda White



Escalate your vacation and your fitness with Elevate and join them at Sahel and have a blast of workout! 

Instagram handle: @elevate.egypt 

Location: Hacienda Red 

Fibers Club 

Fibers Club

They are coming back stronger and more eager to help you reach your workout goal with a diverse set of classes (Spiningn, Yoga, Kickboxing & Air-Yoga) 

Instagram handle: @fibersclub 

Location: Hacienda Red. 

UFC Gym Egypt 

UFC Gym Egypt

How says you can’t mix fighting with workout? Well certainly not UFC. Join them and train differently and beat the dull routine of the traditional workout. 

Instagram handle: @ufcgymegypt 

Location: Marassi.

Aqua Fit 

Aqua Fit

Training on the beach is no longer a fantasy, it’s now a reality with Aqua Fit. Join them now to have the time of your life. 

Instagram handle: 

location : Hacienda Red, Swanlake & Fouka Bay

A vacation is no longer about doing nothing, it’s about doing what’s right and healthy for you. A good workout might just be that. You can reach your fitness goal now at Sahel. 

So what’s stopping you? 

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