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While Egypt is going forward expanding by occupying more spaces through its desert, a lot of new active developers are here to accomplish that purpose. That’s why a huge developer like Palm Hills development has taken advantage of this orientation by creating a series of new projects to keep up with the progress.

Do you realize that Palm Hills projects in Egypt are counted as more than 20 projects are here all around Egypt’s vibrant areas.

Which leads us to wonder and ask, what are they really presenting to the Egyptian Real estate market?

Palm Hills development was founded in 1997, and since then, it has never stopped developing and building, marking a remarkable success between so many competitors.

Palm Hills Projects

Cairo, from east to west

  To know about Palm Hills projects in Egypt, let’s start from the capital: Cairo.

East Cairo

Palm Hills Village Gardens Katameya 

Palm Hills Village Gardens Katameya
Palm Hills VGK

 VGK covers 285k square meters, with a lot of open spaces and gardens leaving only three-fifths of the project’s total area built up.

Palm Hills development features standalone villas, townhouses, and apartments. 

The project occupies a good location in the middle of the fifth settlement, that is to say, it’s just a few minutes away from north 90. 

Palm Hills Capital Gardens

palm hills capital gardens
Capital Gardens

They are certainly known for bringing the resort aspects of living to be your normal daily routine, and this is vividly noticeable at Capital Gardens.

The project covers 11,500 square meters, with 79% free spaces. Also, the compound is bicycle-friendly and offers his residents the perfect atmosphere to walk out and enjoy the green view.

West Cairo

Palm Hills Badya


  Moreover let’s go west, to the other half of Greater Cairo. Badya is where Palm Hills is creating one of the newest projects in Egypt.

One day will be called the dream city—taking place minutes away from the Great Pyramids of Giza and the brand new Sphinx Airport.

What makes Badya so different from any other Palm Hills projects in Egypt is that this compound is coming from the future, setting some basics of what would be our way of living in the future.

The city is smart and green, offering some wide green open spaces as usual. With a promise by Palm Hills that 30% of the needed energy in the city will be produced from renewable resources, certainly reducing your operational costs.

Consequently, this is a huge step forward for the eco-friendly community that should be available to save our planet.

The Crown

the crown
The Crown

  This is one of the Palm Hills new projects in Egypt and is a symbol of the company’s achievements over its history.

The Crown city is taking place atop October city hills, to be like a crown on the top of 6 of October city.

Most Importantly, Palm Hills is offering a unit selection varying between standalone villas to twin houses, surrounded with some open spaces. Open spaces have become Palm Hills’ signature finishing.

More Projects!

  Palm Hills is not developing only in Cairo. It has gone out of the capital for some magical coastal spots in Egypt, to bring luxury to the sea.

East of Egypt

Palm Hills Sokhna at Laguna Bay

palm hills sokhna laguna bay
Palm Hills Sokhna

  It is an excellent destination to escape hot summer weather.

Only 75 mins away from Cairo, built on 116 Fedans, with 1.5 km long shoreline of crystal clear waters.

The resort provides a wide selection of standalone units, town-houses, and chalets, with all needed facilities nearby.

North of Egypt

Hacienda White

hacienda white
Hacienda White

  The north coast is the top summer destination in Egypt. It’s where people escape from daily life pressure with a perfect vacation.

And that’s what Palm Hills offers in Hacienda white, by creating a perfect resort that’s simply “has it all.”

Not only it has the most beautiful beaches, but also it completes the full experience of summer in the evenings; by the Corte mall with all the shopping and dining out options.   

  Currently, Egypt is developing each day, expanding every moment, taking a step closer to prosperity.

In conclusion, This needs many developers with some brand new ideas out of the box. That’s what Palm Hills development is trying to provide, by offering some new projects in Egypt. 

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