Palm Hills Alexandria

 Palm Hills Alexandria is looking over the Mediterranean, lies in a city that was called the Mediterranean Bride, and still does. For such a beauty this city has, it was loved and adored by everybody since the Great Alexander established it. That’s why Palm Hills Developments couldn’t miss such a spot, and they built us this compound

This Compound is a tale of a successful chain, whether in the east, west Cairo, or Sokhna. It’s proof of excellence and distinction that puts Palm Hills Developments on the top of developers in Egypt.

Therefore, we find that such a project in such a city deserves to be talked about. And we would like to discuss it to cover all the compound’s aspects as following:

–        Location

–        Master Plan and Amenities

Prices and Units

1-    Apartments for sale

2-    Twin Houses for Sale

3-    Villas for Sale

Palm Hills Alexandria Location

  Alexandria is a wide city, so where is this compound exactly?

The compound is taking a few steps away from the crowded city. To be more accurate, the exact Palm Hills Alexandria address is Qetaa El Nahda, El Amaria First.

To mentally locate it, you should know that it is only 20 minutes away from Alexandria Airport, while the iconic Alexandria Bibliotheca is just 30 minutes away.

Does that mean it’s far away from Alexandria City Centre?

Absolutely not; the city downtown is also a 30 minutes drive. Which makes you have the ultimate calm experience and connected to Alexandria beating heart at the same time.

And overall, the compound is only 10 minutes away from the crystal clear blue Sea Water.

Master Plan and Amenities

Super Markets in Palm Hills Alexandria

 Palm Hills Developments presents a well-planned neighborhood through the compound. It offers you a high-quality way of living and a modern yet cozy place to call it home.

It spreads to cover almost 638,400 square meters; can you imagine how big it is?

However, most of this enormous area is dedicated to being just open spaces and green areas. Though, it provides its residents with some tracks pedestrian and cycling friendly.

Hence it is an integrated neighborhood; it has all facilities within its walls.

While living in Palm Hills Alexandria, you can expect to have dinner in one of its restaurants and cafes. Or get your groceries from its market. Or even go shopping from its Mall. It’s all here and steps away from you.

Palm Hills Alexandria Prices and Units

  Firstly, you should know that PH Alexandria’s unit selection varies between apartments, Twin Houses, and Villas; let’s spread it out:

Apartments for sale in Palm Hills Alexandria

Palm Hills Alexandria Apartments

  Apartments are available in three different categories:

1 bedroom apartment, 66.56 Square meters.

2 bedrooms apartment, 190 square meters.

3 bedrooms apartment, 219 square meters.

Prices vary according to the apartment location that the 1 bedroom apartment prices start from 1,800,000 EGP.

The 2 bedroom apartment starts from 2,950,000 EGP. And the 3 bedrooms one start from 4,000,000 EGP

Twin Houses for Sale

Palm Hills Alexandria Twin Houses

  In Palm Hills Alexandria, Twin Houses vary between two categories:

Twin House with a Penthouse, 273 square meters.

Or a Twin House with a Basement, 354 square meters.

 Prices start from 8,500,000 EGP.

Villas for Sale in Palm Hills Alexandria

PH Alexandria Villa

  Villas categories are the same as Twin House. However, its sizes are more extensive.

A villa with a Penthouse area is 437 square meters, while a villa with a Basement area is 578 square meters.

Villas prices also start from 8,500,000 and could reach up to 9,000,000 EGP. Palm Hills is just the beginning from Palm Hills Development.

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*This Blog is made to provide you with general information as well as an overview on the market updates. All prices mentioned here are subject to change at any time based on economic changes and developer requirements.*  

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