Ora Developers

  Ora Developers are creating the real estate future from their brilliant present. 

What to expect from a developer?

Is it just some cool buildings, communities, places to live in, high-quality living style, or whatever? Or, should we expect some innovation and more passion while creating new neighborhoods and compounds. This is precisely what Ora Developers are doing.

“We dream big, we design to make a difference and bring happiness, we embrace creativity, innovation, sustainability, and harmony. We are more than developers.” Naguib Sawiris, Chairman of the board, Ora Developers.

Ora Developers are not just investing; they want to go deeper into the customer subconscious to bring happiness.

However, the Ora Developers are globally successful; as they have a few more projects around the world other than Egypt.

They created the Eighteen Compound in Pakistan, the Silversand resort in Grenada, NOCERA LTD in London, UK, Ayia Napa Marina in Cyprus, and more projects to expect in the future. Ora Developers are always expanding and building.

Though Egypt is still their homeland, and where they build more than any other place. Ora Developers are taking chances and not getting enough; they brought their concept to the Egyptian customer through several projects all around Egypt.

From the North Coast to Cairo with its both sides east and west, Ora Developers are existing and already working.

As we really appreciate the efforts of such a huge company, we are going to discuss and spread out some of Ora Developers projects in Egypt as follows:

Zed El Sheikh Zayed West

        Ora Developers Zed East New Cairo

        Ora Developers North Coast

        Pyramids Hills Ora Developers  

Zed El Sheikh Zayed West

Zed West

  Ora Developers are coming with the Zed El Sheikh Zayed to be their landmark on the Capital Westside.

Zed El Sheikh Zayed covers 165 acres, providing a lot of open spaces and green spots.

The Zed West Compound brings a new concept to the way of living, making your place nearby nature, breath in cleanliness, and pollution-free atmosphere.

Ora Developers have also created the Zed Park through this massive project to be a family destination to go out and have some fun. It’s where you can enjoy the Christmas atmosphere and feel its vibes.

Zed El Sheikh Zayed offers the customers a wide unit selection, which starts from apartments with only one bedroom to reach up to duplexes with 3 bedrooms. So that it could fit any potential buyer and be suitable for different tastes.

Ora Developers: Zed East New Cairo

Zed East

  In the heart of New Cairo, and just looking over the 90th road, lies the Zed family’s bigger sister.

Zed New Cairo, or as known Zed East, is creating the  Zed community in New Cairo such as its sister in Sheikh Zayed, but on a larger scale.

Ora Developers are building Zed East to cover an area of 400 acres, with an opportunity of expanding in the future.

The Zed New Cairo Compound is taking its residents to the next level of living luxuriously. Every unit will have its sneak out to a garden or a green space.

In addition to the club where you can practice sport and get in shape. Without missing the commercial area, where you can cover up all your needs.

Ora Developers are also offering a wide unit selection similar to the Sheikh Zayed one. It starts from the one bedroom apartment and goes further to a Twin House or even a standalone Villa.

Prices at Zed East start from 1,340,000 EGP and could reach up to 6,880,000 EGP.

Ora Developers: North Coast

Zed North Coast

  While winter is still here, summer is catching our dreams. We should get ready to enjoy it to the max. Gratefully, Egypt has tons of options to spend summer vacations and have fun, but what’s best than North Coast.

Hence the North Coast is one of the top summer destinations; Ora Developers are expanding their projects to reach up there.

The Ora North Coast Resort is going to be an outstanding spot looking over the Mediterranean turquoise crystal clear water. Obviously, they have their unique touch through any of their previous projects, so what’s the touch here?

According to the project plan and designs, the Ora North Coast will have lagoons everywhere to bring the sea into the resort’s heart. Still, the beach is irreplaceable. That’s why Ora North Coast has a shoreline that extends to be almost 2 Km long.

Ora North Coast spreads out to cover 800 acres, 1 hour driving from Marina El Alamein, and 45 minutes from Marsa Matrouh International Airport.

The resort will also have many facilities to spice up your vacations and make them comfortable.

Swimming pools are available everywhere, with Kids’ special Pools, while a gym is a valid option to keep your shape during summer.

The Ora North Coast will offer its residents and visitors tons of restaurants and cafes options, whether right on the beach or throughout the resort.

Ora Developers: Pyramids Hills   

Pyramid Hills

  Ora Developers masterpiece, right at the presence of Egypt’s iconic monument.

Hence the Great Pyramids of Giza are mysterious, and till now, it’s still not clear how it was built; they decided to create their own iconic compound right in front of it.

The Pyramids Hills compound is looking over the Great Pyramids of Giza, giving its residents the best view they could ever imagine.

However, the Pyramids Hills has a well-designed master plan to offer the residents a unique privacy experience while still connected to their surroundings.

Pyramids Hills is connected directly to the Sheikh Zayed city, also minutes away from downtown and Cairo and Giza’s vibrant spots together.

Units in the Pyramid Hills compound vary between Villas, Twin Houses, and Townhouses. Delivered semi-finished, so you could only put your own taste.

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