O West: Orascom’s Latest Creation.

 O West is one of the latest creations belonging to Orascom Development, leading the entire real estate industry to a new whole level of luxury and quality.

Through the last few years, the 6th of October city has been growing more than ever; it’s now a commercial and residential hub for so many people living in Cairo. It’s a safe escape from crowded neighborhoods and pollution. Therefore, developers can’t help building more and more compounds, which has led Orascom Development to construct the project.

Hence Orascom Development is a proud Egyptian company; they picked some names from the ancient Egyptian language to distinguish their project aspects. For example, the apartments, duplexes, and penthouses neighborhood is called TULWA, an ancient Egyptian word that means “to rise.”

It is already getting a lot of attention and has some high expectations. For that, we are going to discuss the Orascom Development compound aspects as following:

–   Location

–   Master Plan

–   Units and prices

1-    O West Orascom apartments

2-    Duplexes for sale

3-    Penthouses for sale

4-    Townhouses for sale

5-    Twin Houses for sale

6-    Standalone Villas for sale

O West Location

While you’re searching for a place to live in or a unit to invest in, you’ll obviously make sure it’s not isolated but still has privacy and calmness. It’s quite a hard equation to solve, though most developers are trying to make this hard balance.

And so that Orascom had reached its own solution through the compound.

It lies right in the heart of the 6th of October city, but still keeping privacy for residents and calmness intact.

It’s just a few minutes’ driving that will separate you from any location around; 3 minutes away from Mall of Egypt and Dahshour Road. 5 minutes away from Juhayna Square, 7 minutes away from the ring road and Arkan Plaza, and only 10 minutes away from Mehwar Road. For more articles on projects in the area you can check Sheikh Zayed City Egypt, Real Estate Guide.

Master Plan

Orascom Development had created many great projects before, but what makes the project unique is its master plan design.

HOK, a world-renowned design firm, has designed the master plan to be an integrated neighborhood with many green spaces.

The compound covers an area of 4.2 million square meters; most of them are dedicated to green spaces and pedestrian tracks, creating an eco-friendly environment that is healthy to live through.

O-West has its landscapes designed by the global landscaping firm called EDSA, offering a diverse set of themes from expansive open spaces to tight urban fabrics. Making it a modern dynamic community that satisfies its residents.

While living in the project, you’ll have many amenities and facilities surrounding you to make your life easier. Shopping centers, restaurants, cafes, and more are just minutes away from you.

Cafe in O West

Units And Prices

As we mentioned before, the compound has a neighborhood called TULWA for apartments, duplexes, and penthouses. However, another neighborhood called WHYT is dedicated to villas, townhouses, and twin houses.

Such a wide unit selection must have various prices and aspects, which we will discuss below.

O West Orascom Apartments

O West Apartments

Apartments in the compound have different sizes starting from 116 square meters, reaching up to 277 square meters.

However, apartment prices vary according to area and location within the compound. Prices start from 2,544,000 EGP to reach 5,666,000 EGP.

Duplexes for sale

Duplexes in O West

While duplexes are available in different sizes also, starting from 277 square meters to 453 square meters.

Obviously, with different prices accordingly, which starts from 6,109,000 EGP.

Penthouses for sale

Penthouses in O West

It provides penthouses in different shapes and prices.

A penthouse area could start from 280 square meters and tend to reach 310 square meters.

Available with 6,105,000 EGP as starting price.

Townhouses in O West for sale

Townhouses in O West

Also available in different areas, which start from 191 square meters to 412 square meters.

Townhouse prices start from 3,589,509 EGP.

Twin Houses for sale

Twin houses in O West

Another unit type available in the compound in different sizes that start from 321 to 430 square meters.

With 5,128,572 EGP as a starting price.

O West Villas for sale

O West Villas

The most luxurious unit type through O West.

Villas areas vary between 329 and 640 square meters, with 5,413,721 EGP as a starting price. It defines prime housing that is available in the 6th of October City.

O West Orascom 

Orascom Development Egypt is a developer of integrated resorts in Egypt, residential and hotels with many integrated facilities such as golf courses, town centers, hospitals and schools that makes every project of Orascom Development, a complete ultimate destination. 

Orascom Development Egypt Projects 

1- O-West 

2- Makadi Heights

3- El Gouna

 For more details and information you can check our Youtube channel or our Facebook page   

*This Blog is made to provide you with general information as well as an overview on the market updates. All prices mentioned here are subject to change at any time based on economic changes and developer requirements.* 

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