NEW GIZA Compound Egypt, the faultless community

New Giza Compound

New Giza Compound: Humans’ personalities vary from one to another, and each one has individual qualities that lead to specific actions.

If projects were humans, we’d be facing a perfectionist through this one.

While planning for such a massive project.

NEWGIZA Developments had taken into consideration every and any variable that could happen not only had they chosen the perfect New Giza Compound location ever, but they even studied every single detail to reach their goal of perfectionism.

Carnell Park Residences- New Giza

NEWGIZA Compound Egypt location

Firstly, One of the reasons of making NEWGIZA so unique is its location; taking place on the 22nd kilometer of Cairo- Alexandria desert road, which is accessed by 6th of October roads, only 2 km away from Mehwar road, and 6 km away from the ring road that connects all Cairo and Giza together.
Taking a glance over great Egyptian history by being close to the Pyramids Platform and the new Grand Egyptian Museum, which gives NEWGIZA location a special distinction.

New Giza Compound Masterplan

New Giza Compound Master Plan

Secondly, The compound covers 1500 acres of land area but giving 87% this area to be for open spaces,
gardens, and main streets, which provides the compound with the opportunity to breathe.

Going Out

Meanwhile, The NEWGIZA compound location lies on an uneven topography area, which gives it a unique view over the city.

Imagine having a glance over the city from your top position while having a nice meal in one of the finest restaurants you could ever ask for.

As NEWGIZA has a wide selection of restaurants, cafes, and bars that takes the dining-out experience to a whole new level. Without missing some playgrounds for children, so everybody could enjoy his time while going out.

New Giza Layout

New Giza Compound Layout and Services

It’s all 2 minutes away; the town’s community center is all connected together with a brick lane.

that you can go everywhere around in just a few minutes. For example.

Get groceries, visit the bank, or even get your laundry is going to be fun at NEWGIZA; all these facilities coexist together nearby.

New Giza Units

The Healthcare

Further, To be perfect, you should be healthy; for that reason, NEWGIZA is about to launch the New Giza Compound Health park, to be the largest private medical facility in Egypt, presenting a premier health service.


Above all, It’s always good to keep your fitness, and that’s possible through the NEWGIZA sports club, which covers 97,100 square meters, where you can practice your favorite sport using its world-class fields.

In Addition, an 18-hole golf course designed on global standards, with some beginner courses aside from the professional ones, surrounded by a walkway 4 km long to encourage people to walk more.

For instance, What makes this Golf Course so special is the view of the Great Pyramids. Imagine playing Golf while Sphinx cheers you up! No need to imagine anymore.

New Giza Compound Sports Center

More over, No perfect community without a perfect education. That’s why NEWGIZA is giving up an area of 54,000 square meters to El Alsson British and American International schools.

Meanwhile what gives the NEWGIZA location an extra privilege is how near the NEWGIZA University is from the town. The University has significantly collaborated with the University College of London.

In Conclusion, New Giza Compound is taking everything a step forward to reach the perfect life. The whole city has the purpose of making your life easier and funnier, that’s why this town has certain credibility among all the other new projects.

New Giza Compound Prices

Prices per meter start from 20,000 EGP with Payment methods of 10% of the unit price is paid as downpayment and installments up to 7 years. This and more from New Giza Development.

For more details and information you can check our Youtube Channel or our Facebook page

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