New Capital Egypt Universities

 New Capital Egypt Universities: Egypt’s expanding and growing every day; therefore, a New Capital is taking place on the east side of the old one. Supposed to pull the whole country toward globalism.

The New Capital Egypt Universities are taking the main position through this huge project, to be a regional educational hub.

While the New Capital Standards are elite; everything is planned to be perfect. Residential compounds are designed to represent a high level of living to its residents.

Many commercial and economical buildings and areas, though, the New Capital will contain Skyscrapers, which will lead the city to be an economic hub for the entire world.

The New Capital is going to be an integrated city, where communities are growing. And people could live a proper life.

Therefore, the New Capital will contain any facility an Egyptian or foreigner could ever need or use.

To build a city with a community, education must come as a priority, though the New Capital is taking this subject into consideration.

Many educational institutions will offer their services within the next few months; some have already started illuminating our youth.

Through this article, we are going to let you know about New Capital Egypt Universities as following:

–        Canadian University in Egypt New Capital

–        University of Hertfordshire Egypt, New Capital

–        International Hungarian University

–        The European Universities in Egypt (EUE)

–        German International University New Capital, Egypt (GIU)

Canadian University in Egypt

Canadian University in Egypt

  While bringing the Canadian experience in academic education, the Canadian University in Egypt New Capital covers 30 acres.

For instance, the University is an extension of the University of Prince Edward Island. Which guarantees a high-quality education to all its students.

Canadian University is one of New Capital Egypt Universities that can provide its students with one of the following Bachelors:

–        Faculty of Arts Bachelor of Arts.

–        Bachelor of Business Administration.

–        Bachelor of Science in Mathematical and Computational Sciences.

–        And Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Design Engineering.

–        Master of Business Administration in Global Leadership.

Obviously, as a student at the Canadian University, you’ll have an international certificate.

Also, you can study in Canada after your first year, and you’ll get to learn from the best.

Without any doubt, the University of Canada will be one of the top Universities in Egypt.

Which will provide the country with some highly qualified workers.

The Canadian University New Capital had already started accepting students from the current academic year 2020 / 2021. With more than 250 students.

Also looking forward to expanding and welcoming more students within the next few years.

University of Hertfordshire Egypt

University of Hertfordshire Egypt

  Global Academic Foundation (GAF) brought the University of Hertfordshire (UH) to Egypt with all its educational fields.

The University of Hertfordshire hosted by GAF is a typical British University, though on Egyptian land. To be one of the New Capital Egypt Universities.

Also, The University will present many education fields, with a Bachelor’s Degree certified from the mother University.

Fields of education could vary from:

–        Business.

–        Engineering.

–        Pharmacy.

–        Mass Communication.

–        Computer Sciences.

–        Physiotherapy.

For Instance, Hertfordshire University is one of the top 200 universities under 50 years old in the world.

Which could give you a glance over the education quality students will receive within its campus.

In fact, The University of Hertfordshire is one of few New Capital Egypt Universities that had already started accepting students.

International Hungarian University

International Hungarian University

  Another New Capital Egypt University, bringing worldwide educational experience brought to Egypt on its New Administrative Capital.

The International Hungarian University will be a vast project to accomplish as it covers an area of 126,000 square meters, with so many buildings and faculties.

The Hungarian University will provide its students with an international certified Bachelor from one of the following faculties:

–        Business Administration.

–        Faculty of Engineering.

–        Faculty of Pharmacy.

–        Information Technology.

–        Faculty of Architecture.

–        Political Science.

–        Faculty of Art.

–        Faculty of Mass Communication.

In addition to many other facilities that will be available to students. Such as a library, sports area, conference halls, commercial facilities, and dorms for international students.

The University will also provide students with some open spaces and green gardens, which its area could reach up to almost 20,633 square meters.

The European Universities in Egypt (EUE)

The European Universities in Egypt (EUE)

  It’s a conclusion of European universities experiences gathered into one campus, to be one of the most important New Capital Egypt Universities.

The European Universities in Egypt New Capital provide their students with a bachelor’s certified whether from the University of Central Lancashire or the University of London.

The University will have different faculties included, giving the European Experience to students from all over the region, not only Egypt. Therefore it’s supposed to be an educational hub for the whole Middle East area (MENA).

The European Universities faculties are as follows:

–        Business Administration.

–      Economics and political science.

–        Mass Media Communication

–        International Technology (IT)

–        Electronic biology sciences.

–        Engineering

–        Pharmacy

–        BioTechnology

–       Arts and Human Science.

–        Architectural Design.

German International University New Capital, Egypt (GIU)

German International University New Capital, Egypt (GIU)

  Hence the corporation between Egypt and Germany, this University is supposed to give a pure German educational experience, bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, and Ph.D. degree to Egyptian students. To be a great addition to New Capital Egypt Universities.

While studying at the German International University, you can pick one of the following fields to study:

Engineering, Information and Computer science, Business Administration, Design, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical Engineering and Technology.

However, the GIU is also planning to expand and provide students with more fields and majors shortly.

It’s supposed to start accepting students from the next academic year, 2021/2022 in the marvelous New-Adminstrative-Capital.

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