MV Park Island the latest addition to Mountain View

MV Park Island

MV Park Island 

Innovation unleashed 

In the heat of the ever expanding New Cairo comes an Island vast in space beautiful in sight and glorious in design.

It comes with an era for millennials that’s made to keep up with the times of today and the modernity that helps its residents live a happy and efficient life.

With state of the art technology that is used to escalate the style of living to one that suits the millennial

MV Park Island Location 

MV Park Island Location
MV Park Island Compound

Coming from Mountain View Development lies in the proximity to the eastern ring road.

  • 4 minutes from the Suez Road 
  • 11 minutes from Mountain View 2 
  • 15 minutes from Mountain View 1 
  • 17 minutes from the AUC Campus 
  • 25 minutes from El Thawra Street 

MV Park Master Plan “Royal Park”

A pathway that walks you through elegant gardens with beautiful fountains surrounded by majestic classical buildings royal park truly delivers a royal feeling. 

With 3 extraordinary districts: 

MV Park Walk:

A promenade that leads to the central park with a unique living experience. 

Mountain View 3: 

150 Villas carefully placed in a gated community to directly look over the central park. 

MV Park Island: 

An exclusive island inside the central park consisting of unmatched villas and the first ever state of the art coming to you from MV Park Island; The Lake House. 

MV Park Island has an array of Villas, apartments and lake houses with features that can only amaze. 

iVilla 2.0

iVilla 2.0
MV Park Island

Giving you a hassle free life that is filled with a classical villa with the extra spaces that makes your life stress free. Consisting of three villas: 

1- The Garden iVilla 

With a private entrance with maximum utilization giving you a private and calming life. 

2- Sky Garden iVilla 

Stands out with a double villa terrace that adds extra outdoor space that helps you invite friends and have a good time.

3- Roof iVilla 

Gives its residents a vast outdoor roof area that gives you the space that you need to host people and get creative with your gatherings. 

 The Concept behind MV Park Island 

This comes from the idea that people value privacy so they built you an island where you can enjoy it. It offers you the highest of levels and the best quality of privacy and exclusivity that you can find away from the rest of the compound. That’s because it has an array of houses and spacious villas that has the space your family needs viewing iCity’s magnificent Central Park. 

MV Park Island also possesses the Mansion, the Mansion Plus and for the first time ever the Lake House

MV Park Island State of the Art Features 

The new generational homes

In helping cope with the new normal life like working from home and staying at home, since it has become an essential part to the way we live now, your home is now your office, your gym and your entertainment center, all hassle free. 

So we introduce to you the millennial home coping with the new normal: Innovation is unleashed. 

The optimization of space has become very important to the new normal providing vast space, more versatile outdoors your living experience is now one of a kind. 

Introducing the: 

1.Smart deck:  

Smart deck
Smart Deck in MV Park

Your private multi-entertainment hangout spot, is a spacious 6×3 meters, double-height & versatile terrace that makes you enjoy a variety of activities according to your needs; from working, exercising, gardening to binge-watching, barbecuing while creating unforgettable memories with your friends and family. 

2.Working pods:

Working pods
Working Pods in MV Park Island

MV Park’s serene working pods invite nature into your office while elevating your working from home experience exclusive to the millennial residents, they are equipped with a comfortable work setup & advanced tech to ensure stable speedy connectivity with maximum privacy the design of the working pods is well thought out as they have different dedicated zones; a quiet zone for online meetings, a brainstorming zone for team meetings, and a networking zone, etc.

3.Fitness pods: 

These fitness pods are fully integrated within the natural landscape preparing your mind as well as your body for a good workout session.

4.Touchless gadgets: 

Touchless gadgets
Touchless Gadgets in MV Park
  • Friendly homes: Just like you recognize your home, the millennial residences recognize you. This facial recognition system, integrated within the residence, accurately identifies friendly faces, creating an optimum safety and security system for the whole building, as well as keeping your contact with surfaces to the minimum.
  • Bright Homes: Millennial residences are designed to be smart to the smallest detail as they include energy-saving light sensors that automatically turn on when you enter the lobby of the building, creating an economic, eco-friendly daily life.
  • Re-inventing comfort: The millennial residence takes the word “hassle-free” to the next level with the digital keyless doors, even simply entering your home turns into a seamless experience, minimizing any effort you put to enjoy life.

MV Park Island Units and Payment Plans

Payments Plans:  

10% Down Payment over 8.5 years 

10% Down Payment, 5% after 6 months over 9 years. 

Flexible Payment Plan: 

0% Down Payment after up to 10 years. 

Units Available for Sale: 

Lake House Villa  Size: 300 BUA-410 BUA

One story house Size: 185 BUA-285 BUA 

Villa Size: 245 BUA-340BUA 

Millennial 3

Sky Loft Size: 140 BUA 

Millennial Apartment  Size: 160 BUA 

Millennial Apt. with Garden Size: 160 BUA 

Millennial 1 

Sky loft Size: 150 BUA 

Millennial Apartment Size: 145 BUA 

Millennial apt. with Garden Size: 145 BUA 

The iVilla

iVilla Roof Size: 235 BUA 

Sky Garden Size: 230 BUA 

iVilla Garden Size: 180 BUA 

At MV Park Island comfort is a necessity, privacy is essential and luxury is a must. It’s a good thing that all of those needs are provided and met.

For more details and information you can check our Youtube Channel or our Facebook page.



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