Mivida secret to a happier living experience

Mivida secret to a happier living experience

Mivida translates into My Life in Spanish

Mivida prides itself in its eco-friendly demeanour

where luscious native and adaptive plants surround homes.

Firstly, At Mivida, the simplicity of life manifests in playgrounds,

Club Houses, a Sports Club and The Lake District.

The community would not be complete without international schools

Medical facilities.

a Business Park and the thriving Mivida Downtown

that houses shopping and leisure destinations like Mivida Mall.

The Shopping Boulevard and The Lake District.

Providing a luxurious, harmonious life for your family can seem like a tough ask.

yet with Mivida it’s reality with what it provides for you.

all of its facilities designed to ensure a safe.

nurturing community that gives you the quality of life you are looking for.

Certainly, It is one of Emaar Misr’s star projects. Mivida resonates with the greener side of life. 

Mivida Green Community: 

Therefore It provides an eco friendly green community that makes sure to take care of the environment and the people living in it located in the heart of New Cairo. 

Fully-Integrated Development: 

Meanwhile, The meticulously planned 890-acre community is a fully-integrated development that includes a harmonious mix of residential, commercial and leisure facilities, warranting its residents a comprehensive, hassle-free living experience.

Homeowners corner: 

But As a privileged member of the Mivida Community that entices you to a world of luxury hospitality and security with your family and loved ones subsequently with a comprehensive community guide that connects you.

It is strategically located in the heart of New Cairo which has rapidly grown into the capital’s residential business and educational hub and it Ideally situates in proximity to the American University in Cairo.

To Clarify, Mivida is only 20 minutes away from Cairo International Airport and is easily accessible from Road 90, Suez Road and Sokhna Road. Mivida grants the gift of two nature.

For example, green valleys that embrace its urban houses Staying true to our eco-friendly persona in the same vein that we have left the valleys undisturbed to welcome residents into breathtaking scenery.

Most importantly, Walkways and seating areas have been strategically placed commanding an exquisite appreciation of the surroundings.

In other words, Mivida has an array of apartments, townhouses and villas that are exceptionally built with the greatest attention to detail and with architectural efficiency. That showcases how beautifully it was designed.

Moreover, as Mivida and Emaar maintain their cohesiveness to bring you the best of the best. 

Mivida’s Services and Amenities; 

  1. Parks and Lake District: 

Firstly, the 33-acre Central Park grants a naturalistic approach of green and blue palettes to its living surroundings and offers a robust outdoor environment.

As a result, they haveWalkways, jogging trails and promenades 

  1. The Clubhouse 
mivida The Clubhouse
  1. Business Park 
Mivida’s Services
  1. Little Giants Nursery 
  1. The Boulevard

Similarly, Downtown is destined to be the heart of the community in addition to providing a dynamic hub of shopping facilities and leisurely amenities.

  1. Europa Schule International School 
  1. Medical Complex 

Mivida Awards: 

  1. CityScape Egypt Award for best integrated development 
  1. Gold Nugget award for best international site Plan 

To sum up with this we have recapped what makes Mivida the great community it is.

Moreover, it combines every aspect of what a resident is looking for and adding more to it.

In conclusion, integrated community that makes your life better and gives it a new luxurious look that makes your living experience, one to remember. 

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