Mivida Prices

Mivida Prices

Mivida Prices: While walking around in New Cairo, many compounds and developers are competing to present their clients’ best residence experience. They are all trying to bring the resort life of summer to be the way of living all over the year.

And while checking the different compounds, we cannot block our eyes to witness Mivida, New Cairo Emaar Misr.


Through this article, we’ll discuss Mivida aspects as following:

  • Mivida Compound Location
  • Mivida New Cairo, Master Plan 
  • Units and prices 

 1- Mivida apartments 

 2- Mivida apartments with gardens

 3- Mivida Twin Houses 

 4- Mivida Villas 

 5- Mivida Commercial

Mivida Emaar Misr

Mivida Compound location

  One of Emaar Misr’s projects, taking place in the heart of the 5th settlement, right on 90th street, only 4 minutes far away from the AUC.

Master Plan Mivida New Cairo  

Master Plan Mivida New Cairo
Mivida Master Plan

The Mivida Compound covers an area of 860 acres, but only 20 % of this area is built up.

Obviously, Emaar Misr aims to present an eco-friendly community to the residences and give them enough space to stretch up their legs through the 33 acres of central park.

While looking over the Mivida master plan, you’ll find green is dominating over the whole compound, with an excellent unit distribution over the compound area, which keeps your privacy intact. At the same time, you’re still connected to all neighborhoods and the heart of the 5th settlement.

All this information is pretty good, but what about the prices?

Let’s talk numbers:

Mivida Units and Prices

Firstly, Mivida Prices: Emaar Misr offers a wide selection of units through the Mivida project, with different prices and areas to suit a large customer segment.

So let’s go through details of the Mivida units and apartments for sale:

Mivida apartments:

Apartments areas vary from 93 – 290 square meters, knowing that a meter square could cost up to 33,736 EGP.

These units prices range from 3,100,000 EGP and reach up to 9,900,000 EGP.

Mivida apartments with gardens:

Apartments with gardens in MVD

Another luxurious option that Emaar Misr offers through Mivida, an apartment with its private garden.

This kind of apartment is only available with 230 square meters area, with a meter square cost of 50,000 EGP. Obviously, this apartment costs around 11,500,000 EGP.

Mivida Twin Houses:

Mivida Twin Houses
TwinHouses in MVD

Twin Houses are also available in only 340 square meters, costing 41,176 EGP for a square meter.

Which makes the units cost around 14,000,000 EGP.

Mivida Villas:

Villas spaces vary from 330 – 355 square meters, knowing that a square meter could cost up to 53,449 EGP.

Which makes a Villa price varies from 17,800,000 to 18,800,000 EGP.

Mivida commercial:

In conclusion, Mivida is only a place where you can also run your business through their administrative and office units.

 So offices are 123 square meters, with a cost for the square meter could cost up to 70,732 EGP, which makes an appropriate office costs 8,700,000 EGP.

While the administrative units could cost up to 25,000,000 EGP for a unit with an area of 404 square meters. An administrative meter square meter costs 61,881 EGP. If you need to know more about the developer Emaar you can check our website or check this article Emaar Misr; Everything You Need To Know.

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