Marassi Prices

Marassi Prices

Marassi Prices is this summer’s hot topic and we are going to discuss it in vivid details. Emaar Misr Getting ready for summer, wanting to escape the city’s hot weather and relax while laying down on a beach, looking over turquoise seawater, and having everything you need around you, you’ll be heading to the North Coast.

Obviously, the North Coast is the Egyptian top summer destination; however, it’s still so confusing to decide precisely where to stay and invest.

And here, we are talking about one of the best North Coast resorts, Marassi Egypt, which belongs to the well-known developer Emaar Misr.

So we are going to discuss through this article the following:

  • Marassi Master Plan 
  • What Marassi Emaar Provides?

            1- Marassi Golf Course 

            2- Marassi Marina 

  • Marassi Prices and Units
    Chalets, apartments, townhouses, villas.   

Marassi Egypt

Marassi Master Plan

  Looking over the Mediterranean, Marassi North Coast is stretching to cover an area of 6.5 million square meters.

While a network of lagoons is connecting the resort, it makes you find a beach everywhere you go. While the real beach is 6 km long, right on the Mediterranean at Sidi Abdel Rahman Bay. This is Marassi’s location:

What Marassi Emaar Provides?

Marassi Golf Course

Marassi Golf Course
MRA Golf Course

Enjoy a summer full of activities that could fit anybody’s taste, even if you want to play some Golf; Marassi North coast provides you an extensive 18-hole Golf Course crawling between lagoons and vast green spaces.

Marassi Marina

Marassi Marina
MRA Marina

A lot of luxury is included through this spot; it’s an integrated location that attracts yachts owners’ eyes.

The Marina is inspired by the Miami way of living, with a lot of benefits and facilities.

It contains also a residential area, where you can own a unit overlooking the Marina or stay in its luxury Hotel.

Let’s talk numbers for a while.

Marassi Prices and units

Hence you got the full image about Marassi Egypt, North Coast, let’s go into details about how it could cost you to own a unit there. For more information on projects in the area you can always check our blog.

Marassi Chalets Prices:

Marassi Chalets Prices
Chalet in MRA

A Chalet at Marassi Emaar could vary from 70 to 384 square meters, with a meter square quotation starting from 40,000 EGP.

A full unit price starts from 2,809,888 EGP; of course, the price varies according to unit location.

Marassi Apartments Prices:  

Marassi Apartments Prices
Apartments in MRA

While apartment areas start from 143 square meters and could reach up to 146.

Knowing that a square meter could cost around 13,300 EGP.

Apartments at Marassi prices start from 1,900,000 EGP.

Marassi Townhouses Prices:

Your Townhouse at Marassi could cost you 9,000,000 EGP, as areas start from 270 square meters and reach up to 320 square meters.

With simple math, you’ll clearly get to know that a square meter at a townhouse cost starts from around 33,333 EGP.

Marassi Villas Prices:

Seeking more luxury, you can own a Villa. Pick an area between 322 and 429 square meters.

However, your villa price could start from 11,959,888 EGP, like a square meter costs around 37,142 EGP.

Marassi Latest Phases Prices 


The phase is built on an area of 146 SQM in the North Coast. Consequently, the phase has ravishing scenery, luxurious swimming pools and escalates your living standards. 

Price start from: EGP 9,279,888 


Lea is the perfect destination for a contemporary getaway, gorgeous sights, scenes of lush landscape. 

Price start from: EGP 6,154,888


Skaia Marassi provides duet villas & twin villas starting from 168 SQM that fall directly on the swimmable lagoons. 

Prices start from: EGP 7,382,888 

Marina West

Inspired by Miami’s opulent beachfront houses, large windows and open-plan designs allow the sunlight to flood in and make the glorious sea or garden views an integral element of your home’s décor. 

Prices start from: EGP 4,952,888 

M-Porium Mall Marassi

The project is an exclusive mall in Marassi that has a diverse set of shops, restaurants and entertainment areas that are suitable for the whole family and is considered an enjoyable experience for visitors.

All of this and more you can find in Emaar on our website.

For more details and information you can check our Youtube Channel or our Facebook Page

*This Blog is made to provide you with general information as well as an overview on the market updates. All prices mentioned here are subject to change at any time based on economic changes and developer requirements.*

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