Marassi North Coast Latest Phases

Marassi North Coast Latest Phases. It is the host of our beautiful memories, our present vacations & our future adventures in the sea. Marassi combines past, present & future vacations in one place for everyone. It is the go to sanctuary for any kind of vacation you are looking for. Marassi has set the standard for vacations in the North Coast in the past & is adding new phases for your future endeavors. Discussing Marassi North Coast latest phases: 

1- Faya Marassi 

2- Marassi Bay 

3- Marina West 

4- Skaia 

Welcome to the good life

Marassi North Coast Latest Phases: Faya Marassi 

Faya Marassi

Faya Marassi is one of Marassi’s latest creations and it is innovating with its new elevated apartment building with open spaces viewing a fascinating beach with crystalized clear waters for you to enjoy. An array of amenities & services that add to your vacation getaway so you can have an experience that you won’t forget: 

  • Swimming pools 
  • Kids playing areas 
  • 24/7 Security systems
  • Restaurants 
  • Marassi Beach Clubhouse 
  • An international marina 
  • Homeowners corner 

Moreover, Faya Marassi provides its residents with unique modern apartments with designs for 1 to 3 bedrooms with areas ranging from 65 to 145 sqm. So Faya Marassi is considered one of 15 neighborhoods in Marassi & is a breathtaking vacation hub ready to be your new summer sanctuary. 

Marassi North Coast Latest Phases: Marassi Bay 

Marassi Bay

This phase is one of the most prestigious launches done by Emaar Misr, it set the standard from local to international by increasing not only the quality of your vacation but your quality of life. The compound comes as the perfect opportunity to showcase the refined architecture that embodies a wonderful vacation experience with its expertly crafted sea view villas. Divided into 3 types: 

Cova: maintains a reputation of clean architectural lines and sweeping glass facades that certainly catches the eye.

Bayou: is characterized by a balance of Earthy-tone elegance and crisp design that takes your breath away.

Coralie: holds a charisma of traditional style that surely makes every owner feel at home. 

So the phase offers spectacular sea-view villas, high-end amenities and superior quality of life. Nestled 10 metres above sea level on the north tip of the development. 

Marassi Bay offers world class amenities & services such as:

  • Marassi Emaar signature 18-hole Golf Course 
  • The Allure, a private miami style beach & Cafe 
  • The Regal, a country club with resident lounges, pool, steam rooms, saunas and more 
  • Marassi Marina & Yacht club, for all yacht and sailing enthusiasts & superb water activities 

Marassi North Coast Latest Phases: Marina West 

Marina West

This phase in Marassi is a seafront village that redefines coastal living with spacious greenery along with combining the mediertaneen architectural style with beautiful buildings. It is a place that you will always want engraved in your memory thanks to its picturesque views. In Marina West you will truly feel at home with the sea & comfortable with the amenities that they provide such as: 

  • Social Centers
  • Sports Center
  • Mporium Mall
  • Yacht Club 
  • Seaport Marina 
  • High end Cafes and restaurants
  • Artificial lakes 
  • Nightlife venues  

Further more, it is inspired by Miami’s opulent beachfront houses, large windows and open-plan designs allow the sunlight to flood in and make the glorious sea or garden views an integral element of your home’s décor.  Marina West offers its residents a unique collection of classy homes with residential units: 

The residential units are divided as follows:

  • T-Building apartments (ground floor + 4 floors)
  • U-Building apartments

Residential Unit Areas:

Available residential units in Marina West vary according to the floor and building type. But the average revolves around the following:

  • 2 bedroom apartments: 128 square meters
  • 3 bedroom apartments: 199 square meters

Marina West is a sleek, modern vacation hub that is located on the east side of Marassi, starting from the gate and extending to the coast and marina & is ready to welcome you as a part of it. 

Skaia Marassi

Skaia Marassi

This is the latest phase in marassi that ensures its residents with the royal treatment that each Marassi residents receives from Emaar Misr, having always been the trend setter for the whole of North Coast. The compound provides duet villas & twin villas starting from 168 SQM that fall directly on the swimmable lagoons, setting a delivery date in 2023. It is enhancing & improving the lifestyle of its residents and is keeping Marassi’s word by welcoming its residents to the good life.

Subsueqntly, it has the Marassi privileges along with their own mixed up to be your ultimate summer paradise with amenities such as Marassi marina, swimming pools, Homeowners corner, Expansive green spaces, The famous 18-hole grand golf course, community management, facility management & WECARE online customer care platform.  

In conclusion, Marassi North Coast; latest phases are the pinnacle of vacation getaways, combining past, present & future in one place. In short, a place where all your needs are fulfilled and all your senses satisfied. For more details and information you can check our Youtube Channel or our Facebook Page

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