Landmark Sabbour Developments

Landmark Sabbour Developments

The Real Estate Field has many pioneers that catch the eye, but only a rare few that are able to make an impact.

So It can make an impact that withstands time and changes the real estate sector

for years to come with projects that excels and inspires. 

Landmark Sabbour Development Company is one of the most famous companies in the field of real estate development in Egypt founded by Engineer Ahmed Sabbour.

That has many projects such as Aria Compound in Mostakbal City, Zoya Ghazala Bay Resort North Coast, Layan New Cairo, Three Sixty and 1 Ninety New Cairo.

They are increasing demand in modern living spaces at prime destinations in Egypt. 


Landmark Sabbour Developments
Landmark Sabbour Developments

It is a success story starts by hard workers and great engineers working together with enthusiasm, passion and commitment to become the leaders in development.

They study each step, look for the perfect spot and discover the prime locations and grow and expand globally.

Across borders and overseas to penetrate the market worldwide, just to secure the most luxurious and superior destinations. They transform locations to landmarks. 

Landmark Sabbour Developments International 

They decided to penetrate the UAE market by establishing Continental Investment Company in 2011 due to the booming sector of real estate in Dubai.

Landmark was among a few Egyptian real estate companies that expanded business across borders.

Landmark has single handedly undertook projects such as the Continental tower in Dubai Marina

and Rukan compound in Dubai Land, Dubai, in addition to the historic themed building 91 in Muntaner street, Barcelona. 

Landmark Sabbour Projects 

1- Zoya in Ghazala Bay. 

2- Layan Residence, New Cairo. 

3- One Ninety, New Cairo. 

4- Three Sixty Golden Square. 

5- Aria. 

In conclusion Landmark Sabbour Developments has their eye on changing the real estate market for the good and are succeeding at doing so. For more sensational projects in New-Cairo you can check our website.

So For more details and information you can check our Youtube channel or our Facebook page 

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