Lake View Residence

 Lake View Residence: What could a man ever seek while picking a place to live in?

Is it privacy or social life, is it calmness or feel the life heartbeats. Many questions and possibilities, but what we are sure of that a man would seek what is suitable for him and his family. Therefore, we are talking about Lake View Residence, one of the New Cairo Compounds.

The Lake View Residence is taking a step ahead by building a full community, which fits everyone’s tastes. It provides almost everything a resident could ask and seek for.

Through this article, we are going to discuss in details the Lake View Residence aspects as following:

–   Developer

–   Location of the compound

–   Master Plan

–  Prices and Units

1-    Apartments for sale

2-    Penthouses for sale

Lake View Residence Developer

  As the Egyptian real estate market is growing day after another, competition is also getting harder. That’s why only big companies can keep up with market needs and provide high-quality services.

However, El Hazek Constructions could easily reach a remarkable success through the Compound in New Cairo. Leading the Company to stability and looking forward to more.

Location of Lake View Residence New Cairo

  What’s more important than the location while deciding where to live?

Probably it’s the most critical factor while choosing a place to be your home; that’s why the compound has a privilege due to its location.

People are getting enough from crowded towns and neighborhoods; pollution and noise are frustrating. Home is where you feel comfortable, far from any distraction or disturbance.

That’s what the compound could provide you, a calm neighborhood with a spectacular view and clean, fresh air, simply a place to call it home.

However, that doesn’t mean you’ll be disconnected from the world, absolutely not. The Location is only 15 minutes away from Cairo International Airport, just a few minutes from New Cairo’s heart and its facilities.

International schools and universities are just steps away, making it a perfect location for families.

Master Plan

  How your neighborhood will look is another important question that should be answered.

It’s also a demand to have an open landscape, not just some concrete blocks lined up together to form a typical neighborhood.

It covers 77 acres, from which only 22.5 % are dedicated to construction.

While the compound provides vast open spaces covered with gardens and greeneries.

Lake View Residence Greenery

Prices and Units


Lake View Residence
4,000,000 EGP EGP
Penthouse in lakeview residence under market price
Lake View Residence
2,886,000 EGP EGP
For Sale Apartment 2Bedrooms With Installments On 7 Years
Lake View Residence
4,350,000 EGP EGP
Duplex Garden for sale in Lake view residence prime Location

The Compound offers a wide unit selection. Different unit types with different spaces and prices are available to fit your taste.

Apartments for sale

Apartments in Lake View

  The compound offers three apartments possibilities:

Standard apartment sizes start from 122 square meters, which could reach up to 321 square meters.

Apartment with a garden, with areas, start from 122 to 192 square meters.

Apartment with roof, is also available in different areas starting from 266 to 272 square meters.

 Penthouses for sale in Lake View Residence New Cairo

Penthouses in Lake View

  Lake View Residence also provides penthouses of different sizes, starting from 272 to 321 square meters. This project and many more unique projects in New Cairo are available on our website.

 For more details and information you can check our Youtube channel or our Facebook page   

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