Katameya Heights

  While dreaming about having a better life, seeking a better way of living, you will look for a friendly neighborhood where you can enjoy a quiet, luxurious life, yet full of activities. Katameya Heights offers you an ultimate life experience.

The Katameya Heights compound is the perfect example of turning sand to gold. This area was just a part of a desert a few years ago, which is hard to imagine while looking at this vast green oasis.

High living quality is a sure thing you’ll have through the compound. Totally away from crowded towns full of noise and pollution, but still connected to New Cairo’s heart.

Katameya Heights is one of the most massive projects throughout New Cairo. Therefore, we are going to discuss its aspects as following:

–        Katameya Heights Location

–        Master plan of Katameya Heights

–        Katameya Heights Prices and Units

1-    Katameya Heights Apartments for Sale

2-    Katameya Heights Villas for Sale

Katameya Heights Location

  The Compound has a brilliant location in the middle of the 5th settlement. It’s easy to get the directions.

Katameya Heights is just a few minutes away from 90th street, connected quickly to the Ring Road.

On the other hand, it’s only 20 minutes to reach Cairo International Airport from the compound.

It’s easy to go in and out, connected to the heart of New Cairo.

Katameya Heights Master Plan

Fitness Club in KH

  Look over the compound plan; what do you see?

Green, right? It’s a wide green spot that lies in the middle of the desert.

The Compound covers a vast area, which is calculated to be 1.5 million square meters. The unit distribution is quite a brilliant art; the gardens and green spaces cover almost the majority of the Compound in between the units.

However, it is one of the most vibrant compounds; there’s always something to do.

The Compound has the first and most giant Golf Course in Egypt, which adds a touch of luxury to the neighborhood.

The Compound also provides its residents with so many facilities, such as a health club, kids center, clubhouse, and swimming pools available all over the year.

While living at the compound, you’ll find all your needs nearby, a supermarket, clinic, laundry, and more just a few steps from you.

ClubHouse in KH

Katameya Heights Prices and Units

  The Compound provides a wide unit selection, with different sizes, prices, views, and amenities.

Though, luxury and prosperity are guaranteed regardless of your unite type and location.

Apartments for Sale

KH Apartments

If you are looking for an apartment within the Compound, you should know the following.

The apartment’s prices vary according to its location and area. Therefore, you should consider that apartment areas start from 170 square meters and could reach up to 350.

Knowing that the average square meter price is almost 26,000 EGP, an apartment would cost 4,500,000 EGP.

Villas for Sale

KH Villa

Throughout this Compound, you can find some of the most luxurious villas and palaces ever.

However, a villa price varies according to the same as an apartment, in addition to some other amenities, like a private pool, garden, and so on.

That’s why villas prices could vary from 24,000,000 EGP and reach up to more than 210,000,000 EGP.

A square meter would cost 80,000 EGP on average. This project is a pinnacle of New Cairo.

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