Il Monte Galala

  Il Monte Galala is a glowing gem, shines on the mountains of Ain El Sokhna, looking over the Red Sea and creating irresistible magic.

The perfect vacation is the one you spend a fantastic time with family, or friends, in a quiet magical resort, and believe me, nothing magical more than what it presents.

Tatweer Misr developments have created this project to make clear evidence of its superiority. The company growing like a space rocket through the Egyptian real estate market, intends to be remembered forever while building it.

And to make you get the full image, close your eyes and imagine seeing the horizon approaching on the sea sheets from your place. Did you see it? That’s what it offers, luxurious units all surrounded by greeneries, which are using the soaring mountains around to give you a sea view wherever you go.

Therefore, we found out that this project worth talking about in details, so we’ll discuss the Il Monte Galala Tatweer Misr project as following:

–        Tatweer Misr Il Monte Galala Location

–       The compound masterplan

–      Prices and Units

1-    Chalets in El Monte Galala for sale

2-    Studios in for sale

3-    Twin Houses for sale

4-    Townhouses for sale

–        Extra: Jura El Galala Ain Sokhna

Il Monte Galala Tatweer Misr Location

What makes El Sokhna so unique is that it’s just a couple of hours slow driving at maximum. However, the new Galala road is currently making it faster and safer.

While it takes place on the rising mountains that border el Zaafarana Road.

It is connected to every Sokhna vibrant spot while keeps it private and still a minutes’ drive from Cairo.

It’s only 75 minutes away from Cairo, while Porto Sokhna is just 11 Km away, and Movenpick resort is 7 km away.

It’s easy to reach, easy to go home from.

Il Monte Galala Master Plan

IL Monte Galala Aqua Park

  Obviously, it has a unique master plan, which could not be compared to any other project.

Being in the heart of mountains gives it an extra point of attraction, though, the leading high quality of living already exists.

The project covers almost 2 million square meters, which makes you imagine how challenging it is to build such a vast project in such a challenging location.

But Tatweer Masr had used the hard location to be its strong point. Always go with nature, don’t challenge it.

Also, it provides its residents with a 1.2 Km sandy beach. While units are in the middle of wide green spaces, gardens, and pedestrian tracks.

The Compound will include many services and amenities, such as security, a shopping center, swimming pools, aqua park, social clubs, commercial areas, health clubs, spas, and many more services dedicated to making your days happier.

Prices and Units

Hence you got a full image of how it is going to be; let’s go through unit details and prices.

You’ll be stunned when you know how wide the unit selection is.

Chalets in Il Monte Galala for sale

Chalets are available in different sizes, with different shapes and room divisions.

Starting from a one-bedroom Chalet 70 square meters, passing by 2 bedrooms chalets, reaching the 3 bedrooms chalets 125 square meters.

Chalet’s starting price is around 2,000,000 EGP, and reaches up to 4,800,000 EGP.

Studios in Il Monte Galala for sale

Another smaller option, more practical yet luxurious, is having a studio 50 square meters area.

A similar studio could cost around 1,800,000 EGP.

Twin Houses for sale in Il Monte Galala

Twin Houses are available in one size, 180 square meters, costing around 5,500,000 EGP.

Il Monte Galala Townhouses for sale

You can own a townhouse with an area of 220 square meters.

It probably will cost you around 3,600,000 EGP.

Tatweer Misr

IL Monte Galala

The Compound was designed and implemented by Tatweer Misr, one of the best ranked real estate developers in the field. Tatweer Misr has developed tons of projects like Bloomfields and Fouka Bay and has gained a huge popularity for their incredible design and community building.

Jura El Galala Ain Sokhna

Jura El Galala

Not far away from Il Monte Galala lies down Jura.

Jura is a luxurious resort also looking over the sea, taking place in the El Galala area.

The project covers almost 10 acres and offers a unit selection between Chalets, Penthouses, and Villas.

Jura is one of the New Jersey Developments projects that is expected to be delivered in 2023.  And that’s not only what Ain Sokhna has to offer it can offer you more luxurious projects like Palm Hills Sokhna and many more.

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*This Blog is made to provide you with general information as well as an overview on the market updates. All prices mentioned here are subject to change at any time based on economic changes and developer requirements.*

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