Il Bosco New Capital

 Il Bosco New Capital is a rich topic to delve in so we need to cover its roots first to give it justice so let’s start shall we?

 While Cairo is getting more crowded, developers are now heading to invest in the New Administrative Capital.

And Misr Italia is no different from any other developer. However, the company has a wide, deep history through the Egyptian Real Estate market, providing Egyptian customers with some high-class and luxurious residential projects.

Throughout this article, we are going to discuss the aspects as following:

  Il Bosco New Capital Location

  Master Plan Il Bosco New Capital

  Prices and Units Il Bosco New Capital

1-    Apartment for sale at Il Bosco New Capital

2-    Twin House for sale

3-   Villas Prices

4-    Exquisite Villas Prices


Any project’s location tells you how important, accessible, and able to live in this project is.

For instance, the New Capital itself is taking a perfect location on Egypt’s east side, connected to Cairo, the current Capital, Suez, and Egypt Delta.

it also has a special location within the Capital limits. Right on the Green River, the Il Bosco Compound is taking place, also looking over the Mohamed Bin Zayed Road, nearby the El Massah hotel, and the Cathedral.

Il Bosco New Capital Master Plan

hence we knew where the Il Bosco Misr Italia Compound is, let’s have a look over the project’s Master Plan.

Il Bosco Misr Italia is taking some serious steps towards the eco-friendly community, which is obviously clear from the compound location selection, nearby the Green River.

The Green River

Misr Italia is planning to create theCompound on an area of 200 acres, supposed to contain a lot of green spaces that tend to simulate the forest-like environment.

As the Compound covers this vast area, it provides its customers with a wide unit selection, guaranteeing privacy but still connected.

Il Bosco Prices and Units

  You get the full image, right? Let’s talk in numbers for a while and know more about the compound unit variety.

 Firstly, let’s get to know what unit types do Misr Italia provides through this project:

–        Apartments

–        Twin Houses

–        Villas

–        Exquisite Villas

Apartment for sale at Il Bosco New Capital

IL Bosco Apartments for sale

Areas vary between 147 and 191 square meters, knowing that a square meter average cost is around 15,600 EGP.

Which makes the apartments starting price is 2,292,000 EGP.

Twin House for sale at Il Bosco New Capital

IL Bosco Twin House

Il Bosco Misr Italia provides also twin houses of different sizes starting from 254 square meters.

With a starting price of 6,425,300 EGP, like a square meter, the average cost is 25,300 EGP.

Villas Prices

Villas areas start from 383 square meters, with a starting price of 9,900,000 EGP as the square meter could cost 26,000 EGP on average.

Exquisite Villas Prices

IL Bosco Villa

Misr Italia offers another luxurious type of units, with larger areas and more leisure facilities.

These villas’ areas start from 474 square meters and could cost 13,800,000 EGP, as a meter square could cost 29,200 EGP on average.

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