Hyde Park Developments, for high-quality seekers

Hyde Park Developments

When it comes to high quality, it’s Hyde Park Egypt.

who can guarantee that they are taking the developing matter.

so seriously to offer their clients something different, unique, and appropriate.
The name itself reveals a lot about what they are offering;

they claim to be making parks with some residences.

not just some concrete buildings, with so many options in areas, prices, and payment methods.

HydePark Egypt was once known as Damac Properties for development. until it was renamed officially in May 2011 to Hyde Park properties.

for development, confirming that there are no ties with the Emirati-based Damac properties.

Hyde Park Projects

Hyde Park New Cairo
Hyde Park New Cairo

Hyde Park New Cairo

First of all, we should talk about HydePark, New Cairo.

the most important project. Lies on the road 90, east Cairo.

a great location in the middle of the most energetic spot in the 5th settlement.

The Hyde Park New Cairo project covers 1500 acres.

giving enough space for luxury and diversity.

Whatever your budget is, or your preferences.

you’ll probably find something suitable for you.

as Hyde Park Developments are giving so many options to choose between them.

First: standalone villas

With areas that vary from 227 to 1287 square meters.
Second: twin houses
With areas that vary from 255 to 316 square meters.
Third: townhouses
With areas that vary from 159 to 250 square meters.
And finally: regular apartments, duplexes, and penthouses.
With areas that vary from 95 to 233 square meters.

But, what about the designs?

Hyde Park properties for development are used to give more than one option.

to choose between so that everyone could find his own taste here.

and designs are not excluded from that privilege.

HydePark Egypt offers three different designs;

you can choose between the Moroccan, Italian.

or California Spanish architecture. All with vast green spaces and parks to increase your quality of living.

Without forgetting all the available facilities within the compound limits.

it looks like a little town by itself. A mall, international schools, sports clubs, hospitals, and more are intended to keep you inside the compound as much as possible.

Commercial area

The HydePark New Cairo is not only for living in;

maybe you could work in. 116,000 square meters of offices.

with a variety of spacing and designs.

It’s where you can run your business in the best working environment.

Other HydePark Projects

Coast 82, North Coast
Coast 82

Coast 82, North Coast

Hyde Park developments are expanding day after day in Egypt.

conquering the north coast by a vast project called Coast 82.
It covers more than 1 million square meters of land.

which lies directly on the Mediterranean Sea, with 550 meters long of white sandy beach.

with all the facilities that could ever be needed.


TAWNY, 6th October

The latest Projects is called TAWNY, lies in the heart of 6 th October.

literally minutes away from all the main spots around.

especially the Great Pyramids of Giza. A huge project.

made by the HydePark properties development.

without missing its personality and unique facilities.

No wonder that Hyde Park Properties for development is one of the most credible developers in Egypt.

giving tons of options to fit every Taste.

It has its way of attraction that you can recognize a Hyde Park project from first sight.

For more details and information you can check our Youtube Channel https://rb.gy/zqibo4 or our Facebook page https://rb.gy/r8r5ri

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