Hassan Allam Compounds

Hassan Allam Compounds

  Hassan Allam Compounds: Life is all about updates, every day; there ‘something new more efficient than before. And to reach success, you should be updated, have the courage to expand and invest more.

If this is the success formula, Hassan Allam holding would be who prepared it, a business with a great history, spectacular present, and promising future.

Hassan Allam Holding has existed since 1936, investing in different fields, expanding in other countries, like Algeria and Saudi Arabia, taking the lead in so many industries, like construction, infrastructure, electrical, and mechanical engineering, to be one of the most successful businesses during the last 80 years.

Later after foundation, the company had given birth to a newborn business, Hassan Allam Properties (HAP), which took some complete steps in Egypt’s real estate market.

Hassan Allam Properties (HAP)

  In 1990, Hassan Allam Holding decided to invade Egypt’s real estate market by a new investment born as mature as it could lead the whole market.

Hassan Allam Compounds projects are distributed all around Egypt’s best spots, creating a new level of daily lifestyle and a fantastic experience by the seaside.

Hassan Allam Compounds Projects

Swan Lake

  Swan Lake is a trademark that distinguishes the Hassan Allam Properties name, taking the aspects of living to the next level of luxury and privacy.

There’s not only one Swan Lake; Hassan Allam Properties had used the name’s booming success to expand north, east, and west with the same name in one only location.

Where are the Swans of Hassan Allam Compounds projects?

Swan Lake Residences New Cairo

Swan Lake Residence New Cairo

 Take a great location between everywhere, 6 km away from Cairo International Airport, 10 km from Heliopolis, 9 km away from The AUC, and Cairo Festival City.

The location is not the only privilege, of course; the compound itself offers a luxurious life keeping your privacy intact while connected to the vibrant energy of New Cairo.

Hassan Allam Properties is planning to cut distances between Cairo and Paris by creating their own Champs-Elysees street, 1.3 km long, which will feature some of the finest restaurants and eateries.

Swan Lake Katameya 

Swan Lake Katameya

Taking the same track of luxury, privacy, and prosperity. It’s located in a good location, approximately near to the Heart of New Cairo.

Wimberly Alison and Belt Collins are the brilliant designers who had made a unique theme that distinguishes this compound only. The landscape is panoramic, with the water flowing all around the compound.

Swan Lake October

Swan Lake October

One of the Hassan Allam Projects lies in Cairo’s west part.

Ninety-three luxury-appointed Villas are combined, looking over a great view of open green spaces and lagoons.

It occupies a great location, just a few minutes away from the heart of October city. Hassan Allam Properties had the intention to spoil its homeowners while building up this project.

Swan Lake North Coast

Swan Lake North Coast

Let’s go to the sea and take the Swan Lake concept with us. It’s Hassan Allam Projects’ gate to the turquoise Mediterranean Sea.

Nine hundred fifty summer homes cover 208 acres, right on the crystal clear water of the Sea. Hassan Allam Holding has collaborated with the world-renowned interior designers and architects JZMK and Darnoama, to produce such a resort on the Alex/Marsa Matrouh Road.

Swan Lake El Gouna

Swan Lake El Gouna

To look over the Red Sea, and offer a Swan Lake experience in the middle of a vibrant city like El Gouna, Hassan Allam Compounds Properties planned to create this resort.

The resort occupies a brilliant location in the heart of El Gouna.

Just a few minutes away from Abu Tig Marina, The new Marina and EL Gouna Downtown.

It features 314 finished apartments, waterfront. Designed in the modern Greek style.

More Hassan Allam Compounds:

Park View Katameya

Park View Katameya

 Occupies a brilliant location near any facility you could ever need.

1.5 km away from the American University, and just a few walking steps from El Rehab city.

Three hundred thirty-six units stretch widely on 35 acres, offering homeowners a lot of open green spaces. They were designed by Egypt’s leading architect Shehab Mazhar.

HAPTOWN Mostakbal City

HAPTOWN Mostakbal City

 A Hassan Allam Holding masterpiece. A mixture of all their previous projects and experiences to create something brilliant.

HAPTOWN carries Hassan Allam’s future to Mostakbal City, to bring what’s new and up to date.

The city offers some townhouses and apartments with different areas. Designed by CallisonRTKL, and some standalone villas, designed by the acclaimed Egyptian architect, Alchemy.

HAPTOWN covers 243 acres; most of them are open terrains and present a 7.5 km long track pedestrian and bicycle-friendly. 

Interesting project, isn’t it? 

Let’s go deep in details.


Hassan Allam Properties abbreviation.

  Since 1936, Hassan Allam Holding was already there, developing and investing in different fields. And in 1990, Hassan Allam Properties started its work in the real estate field by creating a series of compounds with a certain classy living level.

For any regular developer, that could be more than enough, but this was just the beginning for Hassan Allam.

Years of experience and conclusion of their previous projects are mixed to produce us HAPTOWN Mostakbal City, by Hassan Allam.

Whats HAPTOWN Mostakbal City?

  The newest Hassan Allam Compounds took place at Mostakbal City, the new extension of New Cairo.

HAPTOWN Hassan Allam is located near the most well-known attractions of New Cairo, like the American University, Mivida Compound, and Katameya Dunes.

HAPTOWN’s location is supposed to be dedicated to only residential compounds, which will guarantee calmness and privacy for its residents.

HAPTOWN Mostakbal City, Aspects

  What makes HAPTOWN so special, is obviously who it belongs to. HAPTOWN Hassan Allam is a name that speaks for itself. If you want an estimation for what the city will look like when it’s fully delivered, you should head to the nearest Hassan Allam Project and have a quick tour; they will pretty much look alike.

The city covers 243 acres, from which an area of 176,000 square meters are open spaces, with a lot of gardens and green spaces. HAPTOWN also provides a 7.5 Km long track pedestrian and bicycle-friendly.

While in HAPTOWN Mostakbal City, you won’t be thinking of going out. And that’s for what the city provides of a vast commercial area, which spans 24,000 square meters, where you can find whatever you are looking for, or go dining out with friends and family in one of the finest restaurants available.

HAPTOWN Mostakbal City, Available Units:

  You can choose what is suitable for you between their selection of apartments, townhouses, and standalone villas.

CallisonRTKL had designed the townhouses and apartments in a modern world-class style, while Alchemy, acclaimed Egyptian architecture, had designed the villas.     

Units areas vary from one to another, which gives more options that could fit a wide segment of customers according to their resources and preferences.

Apartments start from 93 to 330 square meters, with a selection of one, two, or three bedrooms apartments.

Townhouses start from 232 to 262 square meters, while villas are 306 square meters.


  HAPTOWN Hassan Allam prices vary from location to another, as HAPTOWN prices could start from 1,100,000 EGP to 4,900,000 EGP.

And this price variation is according to areas and location.

A meter square should cost from 12,000 EGP to 13,500 EGP.

HAPTOWN Hassan Allam also offers a good payment system with installments up to 7 years, with only a 5 % down payment, which makes HAPTOWN prices affordable and in the moderate range.

However, HAPTOWN is still only one project of Hassan Allam Properties at New Cairo, so what else could HAP present to us nearby? 

Following the Hassan Allam Prints at New Cairo 

SWAN Lake Hassan Allam Compound( New Cairo)

  The SWAN LAKE is the Hassan Allam trademark, not only in New Cairo but also all around Egypt. However, SWAN LAKE Hassan Allam in New Cairo has a unique way of attraction.

So, let’s have a tour between the different SWAN LAKE Hassan Allam projects at New Cairo and some other projects.

 SWAN LAKE Residence

   A Landmark in New Cairo, the SWAN LAKE Residence symbolizes luxury and high living class.

Starting from its magnificent location, the SWAN LAKE Residence is only 6 km away from Cairo International Airport, 9 km from the American University and Cairo Festival City Mall, and 10 km away from Heliopolis, which makes SWAN LAKE Residence connected to Cairo’s main spots, and at the same time keeping it out of the crowded areas.

While in SWAN LAKE Residence, wishes come true.

Imagine you’re going out to walk or to have a good dinner nearby your home and find yourself in the middle of Champs-Elysees, Paris; I can guess that while you’re reading this now, you think that this is nonsense.

But, SWAN LAKE Residence is planning to create a 1.3 km street in the Parisian style, having some of the finest restaurants and eateries, making your going outs look like you’re traveling to Paris. Still, Paris has traveled to you.

SWAN LAKE Residence prices

vary from unit to unit according to the type, area, and location.

Apartments at SWAN LAKE Residence prices start from 4,300,000 egp, with a minimum area of 151 Square meters, and duplexes prices start from 7,300,000 egp with a minimum area of 275 square meters.

While villas at SWAN LAKE Residence prices start from 13,400,000 egp for 308 square meters.

Also, townhouses and twin-houses are available at SWAN LAKE Residence, with prices starting from 7,350,000 EGP.

SWAN LAKE Katameya

  Another SWAN LAKE Hassan Allam New Cairo project, with the same SWAN LAKE theme of luxury, privacy, and security.

SWAN LAKE Katameya covers 110 acres, with only 182 separated villas distributed apart from each other, surrounded by many open green spaces and lakes, to make your daily view a panoramic view.

 The compound was designed by some international designers, which had come out with modern and elegant designs for buildings and landscapes.

Prices are averaging the same as SWAN LAKE Residence villas Prices, as they both have the same building concepts with similar designs and open spaces.

Hassan Allam New Cairo projects had added a lot to the real estate market. They gave the Egyptian customer a kind of luxury that did not exist in the Egyptian culture before by both projects SWAN LAKE Residence and SWAN LAKE Katameya.

Hassan Allam other projects

Seasons Residence

  The SWAN LAKE Hassan Allam Compounds Projects at New Cairo.

are not the only marks of the company in the area; a few more projects that we can mention are Seasons Residence on the top of them.

Seasons Residence stretches over 50 acres; only 15 % of them are built up, giving more space to breathe.

The compound has 91 separate villas, designed in the Spanish style by the acclaimed architect Shehab Mazhar.

Seasons Residence prices start from around 20 million egp, as meter square, could cost 25,000 egp, including maintenance.

As HAP are used to suit every taste and pursue every chance.

they decided to go to Egypt’s summer hub and create something unique.

Swan Lake North coast,

Summer on the HAP style.

It was time for the company to head North, to the summer top destination to escape hot weather and have some fun, by creating SWAN LAKE North Coast compound, right on the Mediterranean SEA.

SWAN LAKE North Coast Aspects, What to Expect?

  Nine hundred fifty summer homes spanning 208 acres, with the usual SWAN LAKE touch of green spaces and landscapes with water flowing.

Lagoons are everywhere; provide residents and visitors the crystal blue sea water almost everywhere around you, to make a beach of 2 km long and allow residents to keep their privacy, still connected. And this is what makes the SWAN LAKE North coast master plan so special.

SWAN LAKE North Coast allows its residents and visitors to connect and be in touch; the compound creates a SWAN LAKE community through the Clubhouse. Accompanied by a world-class sporting complex, spending summer doesn’t mean to forget your workouts and training.

The Clubhouse also has kids-friendly areas to let your little heroes have fun and enjoy their time.

It seems that SWAN LAKE North Coast found the beach is not enough, so they decided to create a luxurious lap pool, with an infinite edge overlooking the turquoise lagoon; the blue color will amaze your sight.

SWAN LAKE North Coast location

  Overlooking the crystal clear water of the beautiful Mediterranean sea, the SWAN LAKE North Coast location lies directly on the Alex/ Marsa Matrouh Road.

If you are starting your trip from Cairo, it would take around 3 hours, including your coffee stop at Master.

SWAN LAKE North Coast master plan and design

  When you get to look over the SWAN LAKE North Coast master plan, you will find two dominant colors, Blue and Green, a HAP habit, creating a wide landscape with many green open spaces and lagoons.

The designers and architects JZMK and Darnoama were responsible for creating the SWAN LAKE North Coast master plan and designs with their creative modern touch.

SWAN LAKE North Coast prices

 Even if it’s for investing or entertainment, buying a unit at SWAN LAKE North Coast will be a privilege.

SWAN LAKE North Coast prices vary according to the unit type, location, and area. Prices start from 4,970,000 egp, as the meter square costs around 21,608 egp.

There are four types of units available at SWAN LAKE North Coast

Standard Chalet, 205 meter square.

Premium Chalet, 225 meter square.

Twin villa, 265 meter square.

Villas, from 321 to 464 meter square.

Which makes the SWAN LAKE North Coast prices vary to suit a wide customer segment.

 SWAN LAKE North Coast location, master plan, designs, and facilities make the resort a perfect spot to invest or spend a fabulous vacation.

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