Hacienda White

 Hacienda White is a Palm Hills Developments fingerprint on the North Coast, looking over one of the world’s most beautiful coastlines.

The North Coast in Egypt was always known for being the summer’s top destination; it’s where you can spend your vacation away from any crowded spots yet connected to the vibrant life.

All over the time, the North Coast had been a glowing gem for developers. Therefore, they were racing to create new resorts right on the Mediterranean Sea. Palm Hills is no different from any other developer; they also had made their resort but their own style.

Hacienda White North Coast Palm Hills is currently a landmark between all the North Coast resorts and compounds. Palm Hills had created a unique community through the North Coast, which is obviously taking the lead in the North Coast Competition.

It is an excellent opportunity to spend vacations and also invest. Therefore, we are going to discuss the Compound aspects as following:

–        Location

–        Hacienda White Master Plan

–        Units and Prices

1-    Cabin for sale

2-    Chalets for sale

3-    Twin Houses for sale

4-    Villas White for sale

Hacienda White Location

  Usually, compounds get their importance according to several aspects, which Location takes the top between them. Before buying a unit for any project, you should first make sure it’s accessible and connected to the world, not isolated.

When it comes to Hacienda White North Coast, the Location is not only accessible and connected but also has a luxurious privilege.

Hacienda White Palm Hills lies right on the Mediterranean, on the Alexandria Marsa Matrouh International Road. At Sidi Abd El Rahman, only 20 minutes away from El Alamein International Airport.

Also, Hacienda White is only a few minutes away from New Alamein, where Egypt is building a promising city on new high standards.

Master Plan

HW beach

  While looking over the project Master Plan, you’ll witness brilliant landscape planning, with a perfect utilization of spaces.

The Compound covers a vast area, which is estimated to be almost 154 acres. Though, green color is the dominant, as the compound provides wide-open spaces and greeneries to add a luxurious touch.

The Compound Palm Hills resort has a beautiful beach looking over the crystal clear water, which could be compared to the world’s best destinations, in addition to several lagoons, bringing the beach to you wherever you go.

However, Palm Hills provides tons of services and facilities through this project, such as a clubhouse, boutique hotel, and elegant spa. Without missing some shopping spots to spice up your summer.

Units and Prices

  The Compound has different unit types to choose between them, trying to fulfill many potential customers.

Units vary between Cabins, Chalets, Twin Houses, and Villas.

 Hacienda White Cabin for sale

Cabins are the practical unit form, a little bit tight, but sufficient.

A cabin area would start from 41 square meters, with a price starting from 2,000,000 EGP.

 Chalet in Hacienda White for sale


Hacienda White
3,500,000 EGP EGP
شاليه للبيع فى هاسيندا وايت بحديقة وروف بتسهيلات
Hacienda White
4,400,000 EGP EGP
Senior Chalet First For Sale In Hacienda White
Hacienda White
4,000,000 EGP EGP
Junior chalet+penthouse for sale 175m

While chalet areas in the compound vary from 153 to 223 square meters. Knowing that prices start from 3,714,300 EGP for these chalets, providing more internal space.

 Twin Houses for sale in Hacienda White

Hacienda white presents some fancy Twin Houses to be between their units selection taking a step more luxurious.

 Twin houses are available with one area, 339 square meters, which would cost 7,026,400 EGP.

 Villas in Hacienda White for sale

To complete their unit selection, Palm Hills has stepped another luxurious step by providing villas through the compound.

Villas sizes vary from 353 to 554 square meters, with 7,751,100 EGP as a starting price. This is just the tip of what North Coast offers as it offers more prominent projects like Marassi and many more.

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