Gouna Restaurants

Gouna Restaurants: “The ultimate guide to your gouna restaurants adventure, where to eat, what to do, and how much it will cost”

Those are all titles for articles you’ve probably seen, will see in the future, but in this article food is the ruler and so all we will talk about is how your day will go, food wise.

So Let’s start looking at Gouna Restaruants and look at the best of them:

Let’s embark on how your day will go food wise from start to finish:

Gouna Restaurants: 1) Breakfast & Brunch

aish baladi
Aish Baladi

1- Aish Baladi

New Abu Tig Marina | Oriental | $$
We start with our roots, just because we are in Gouna doesn’t mean we abandon them. Aish Baladi is a fast casual Egyptian eatery focused on fresh, locally grown and authentic street food. Fresh whole wheat local bread is baked in their specially designed stone oven all through the day. The menu also includes a variety of tasty vegetarian Egyptian dishes and sandwiches. When you are there you MUST try Feteer Meshaltet and their ma7shy and of course we didn’t forget to mention their Foul and Ta3meya. The ultimate start to your Gouna restaurants journey.

malu's deli
Malu’s Deli

2- Malu’s Deli

New Marina | American Cuisine | $$
Gouna restaurants are diverse hence This deli opened a while back in the new marina. It’s the perfect breakfast/brunch option in Gouna — everything is light and super fresh. They also serve smoothies and fresh juice mixes. You should try their sandwiches, the pancakes and the vegetable curry.

seventh star gouna
Seventh Star

3- Seventh Star

Abu Tig Marina | International | $$
Gouna restaurants are creative that why it has a mix of restaurant/bakery that is full of international cuisines, we love it here and would recommend it. Their bakery has croissants and mille feuilles out of this world and we hear from good authority that their iced espresso is amazing.

Now that this part of the day is over. We hope you have had a good meal, because this part of the day consists of two parts.

Gouna Restaurants: 2) Dining and Fine Dining

Gouna restaurants provide you with the whole package. There is a difference and it doesn’t lie in just adding the “fine” to the dining. It lies in many aspects the location, type of food and mood of the whole restaurant and most importantly the price. But we are going to talk about fine dining in this article.

So let’s start, shall we?

le garage gouna
Le Garage

1- Le Garage

Abu-Tig Marina | Gourmet Burgers | $$$
20 different kinds of burger, and the list can go on so we suggest you try Aussie beef burgers, they offer burgers like The Black Pearl (served in a black bun) or the Japanese Ramen burger (bun made out of ramen noodles). But if you’re more of a classic burger type, then they have more than ten varieties.

zia amelia
Zia Amelia

2- Zia Amelia

Downtown Gouna | Italian | $$-$$$
A little Italian eatery and pizzeria in Downtown Gouna. It’s owned by an Italian family and is home to another very large menu: homemade pastas, pizza, gnocchi, and an array of salads, chicken, beef and seafood dishes. You can also try their gnocchi with Gorgonzola sauce and walnuts, their variety of escalope dishes and their homemade pasta.

3al bahr gouna seafood
3al bahr

3- 3al Bahr

Kite Center Road | Seafood | $$-$$$
3al Bahr is a seaside restaurant that makes red sea fish that tastes like heaven, and is the seafood go-to while you are in Gouna.


4- Maritim

Abu-Tig Marina | International/European | $$
Maritim is a longtime favourite restaurant in Abu Tig Marina. It’s perfect setting overlooking the water and luxury yachts is also ideal for people watching on one of El Gouna’s busiest promenades. Maritim is famous in Egypt for its unique volcanic stone grill – a concept that allows patrons to cook raw meat or seafood to their liking at their own table.

Volcanic lava stone is heated and being set in a serving platter and delivered to restaurant guests who double as grill masters for the night.

La Pizzeria De La Scala

5- La Pizzeria De la Scala

Abu-Tig Marina | Italian | $$-$$$
Italian cuisines are many, but the quality of this restaurant is enchanting with the Capricciosa Pizza, Calzone Pizza that will make your taste buds happy and satisfied. It is the ideal dining for you and your family with a cozy, warm setting that will make you feel right at home whether you are eating there in the morning, noon or at night.

Unfortunately now the day is coming to an end, and we are still hungry (I don’t know how either but it happens).

But don’t you leave us yet.

We have an on the go list if you’re in a hurry and looking for a snack-y kind of food.

bob's hotdogs
Bob’s Hotdogs

1- Bob’s Hotdogs

Abu-Tig Marina | Hotdogs | $
Well that explains itself really, hotdogs, fries and anything on the go really, a tasty snack that will make sure you are full and satisfied.

2- Fast Food

Downtown Marina | Everything | $
Hello Mr Obvious! Everything is fast about this restaurant, the food, the preparation and the time they took to think of a name.

il gelato gouna
iL Gelato

3- iL Gelato

Abu-Tig Marina | IceCream | $
An ice cream shop that really takes your experience up a level and makes sure your taste buds are satisfied from every aspect and is the perfect send off to a great day.

What a day, huh?

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