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Gouna rentals, Where to stay at El Gouna?

  On Egypt’s east coast lies one of Egypt’s most energetic and full of life cities, El Gouna. It’s a city resort; it offers its visitors a unique vacation experience with many activities that will never leave you bored.

El Gouna had stepped forward to be an international city known worldwide. This is obviously normal after the hit success of the El Gouna Film Festival since its 1st edition back in 2017.

Above all, this means that the city hosts a huge number of guests, which will need a lot of available hotels and resorts to receive them.

Gouna rentals: El Gouna Hotels

  El Gouna has 18 hotels with different ratings, 3, 4, 5, and 6 stars hotels, in addition to the possibility to rent a chalet, apartment, or villa to guarantee more privacy.

However, hotels at El Gouna present the best hotel services in Egypt.

So here are some of El Gouna hotels.

Luxury Hideaway

Casa Cook El Gouna

  Casa Cook El Gouna is a five-star hotel sea view, with 100 different rooms, from standard rooms to private villas with a private pool.

the hotel wants the guest to feel at home, while actually, he’s not. While The Hotel welcomes guests on a bed and breakfast or half-board basis.

Its location is right on the beach, only a few minutes away from Abu Tig Marina, near any facility.

La Maison Bleue

  La Maison Bleue is a 6 stars hotel, offers a fancy and extra luxurious experience. It’s a beachfront hotel, which was built as a massive mansion with a unique design.

Moreover, Amr Khalil, the designer, was trying to simulate an imaginary 19th century Levantine Merchant’s house.

La Maison Bleue lies by the Mangroovy Beach, on the Kite center road.

La Maison Bleue is the fanciest and luxurious Hotel in El Gouna.

Gouna rentals: Five stars Hotels

Gouna rentals: Movenpick El Gouna  

  Movenpick El Gouna is a 5 stars waterfront hotel with a private beach spanning over 1.5 km.

The Movenpick El Gouna has 420 spacious rooms, looking over some spectacular views of the Red Sea, lagoons, and vast green gardens.

Movenpick El Gouna is a resort and spa, which offers many water sports activities and dining options. The Hotel provides shuttle buses to El Gouna’s best nightlife spots.

Movenpick El Gouna hotel location is only a few minutes away from El Gouna Downtown, to be just at the center of the city.

Gouna rentals: Steigenberger Golf Resort El Gouna

  Steigenberger El Gouna is a 5 stars hotel with a wide 18-hole championship golf course.

The Steigenberger El Gouna hotel provides extreme privacy by its brilliant location on a serene peninsula, surrounded by lagoons.

Michael Graves, the award-winning architect, had designed the Steigenberger El Gouna hotel in the upper Egyptian style, and that’s obvious through the domed ceiling and arched windows.

Steigenberger El Gouna has 268 luxurious rooms, decorated in the Nubian style with all the modern facilities.

Even though the hotel has its own peninsula, it’s still nearby all the city’s main spots.

Gouna rentals: Four stars Hotels

Gouna rentals: Mosaique Hotel El Gouna  

  Mosaique Hotel mostly attracts Kitesurfers, using its location nearby shallow waters, and its steady wind atmosphere, it’s widley known as the “Kitesurf Hotel.” 

the hotel is only one street away from Abu Tig Marina, in the North Basin.

While rooms at Mosaique Hotel have Morrocan style with a domed ceiling lobby, where guests can enjoy a bed and breakfast basis stay.

Gouna rentals: Three Corners El Gouna

   The Three Corners El Gouna ocean view hotel is a 4 stars hotel, presenting a stress-free atmosphere for couples and groups, with an adult-only experience 16+. 

Three Corners El Gouna has a spectacular panoramic view over the Red Sea, Abu Tig Marina, and lagoons.

The Three Corners El Gouna Has 157 rooms, with a design inspired by Yemeni architecture.

Certainly the hotel has an excellent location at the edge of Abu Tig Marina, to be in the middle of all the energy.

Gouna rentals: Dawar El Omda El Gouna Hotel

  Dawar El Omda Hotel presents a unique opportunity to experience the upper Egyptian living style, with 4 stars rated service.

The hotel rooms are designed in a traditional Egyptian style, with domed ceilings and arched windows.

Dawar El Omda hotel lies in the Downtown Kafr El Gouna, looking over a lagoon near El Gouna entrance.

Gouna rentals: Panorama Bungalows Resort

  The Panorama Bungalows Resort is a 4 stars hotel with a private beach and outdoor pool.

Bungalows Resort offers its guests a different accommodation experience through their Bungalows rooms, with three different designs categories, pool Bungalows, overwater Bungalows, and lagoon Bungalows.

The Panorama Bungalows Resort also provides for its guests a rooftop bar and an onsite restaurant.

The Resort is only five minutes away from Abu Tig Marina and only a few minutes walking from El Gouna Golf club.

Three stars hotels

Gouna rentals: Turtle’s Inn El Gouna

  Turtle’s Inn El Gouna is where you can escape stress through its 27 rooms, designed in the Rio De Janeiro style, with a 3 star rating.

The Hotel is a water sports hub, using its perfect location in the Abu Tig Marina.

Further more Turtle’s Inn is in the middle of El Gouna’s best dining, shopping, and entertainment spot, which will spice up your nightlife.

Gouna rentals: Captain’s Inn El Gouna

  Captain’s Inn is also a 3 stars hotel, looking over the Marina at Abu Tig. It has 50 rooms.

In Conclusion, The heart of El Gouna is actually at your doorstep, as from Captain’s Inn hotel, you’ll be looking over the luxurious yachts docked at the Marina, with all the surrounding restaurants and eateries and to check out our projects in Gouna you can check out Swan Lake El Gouna here.

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