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El Gouna Master Plan: Gouna was first established by Samih Sawiras -the chairman of Orascom Development Holding – when he realized the many advantages of the spot, and started developing it into the beautiful city standing before us today. Gouna is located just north of Hurghada on the west coast of the Red Sea.

Life in Gouna

Gouna managed to combine luxury and comfort all in one place. In Gouna you will enjoy a piece of heaven, even though it’s part of the desert. But, the weather and the city facilities and activities, changed everything. In Gouna you can choose to have a villa or just an apartment, you can even stay in a hotel, at the end of the day the life changing experience will be the same. 

In Gouna, you can go for water sports, land sports, pools, golf and sea cinema, with an array of restaurants mentioned here that will sweep you off your feet! 

You can attend the street festival, or attend El Gouna Film Festival, or even join the squash tournament. 

Due to the increasing attention and numbers of residents and visitors, many developmental companies went in the direction of flourishing the city even more and expanding the city and it’s facilities to make the experience you’ll have even better.  Next, we’ll discuss the new projects to follow in Gouna and what are the main features of each one. 

Gouna’s new projects

Orascom Development has been busy over the last few years creating numerous new neighborhoods in El Gouna and we can say they did a very good job.

Many projects have already proceeded to completion and others are just starting off, if that indicates anything, it indicates that this is the correct direction.

ancient sands

Gouna Ancient Sands Resort & Hotel

A five-star desert oasis & an Orascom Developments project. The Ancient Sands resort lies within Hurghada, Red Sea Governorate and has a hotel named after it. It’s a neighborhood comprising Villas and twin villas designed by SB Architects. The resort follows a Nubian-style in buildings featuring an 18 hole, Karl Litten–designed golf course. It’s 40 km from the Hurghada International Airport.

The resort is one of the most active hotspots in Gouna, due its location, it’s centered in Gouna and you will never be too far away from any of the activities or services you’re seeking. Units are villas and twin houses and their prices start from 8,800,000 EGP. Delivery phase is expected to be within 2022.

tawila resort

Tawila Resort & Hotel

It’s an Orascom Development  project. Located in the heart of Gouna City. The hotel is ideally located three minutes from the center of Gouna. Gouna’s signature bridges connect Tawila together with the rest of the area.

Tawila will have one of the biggest water surface projects. Unites range from Villas to town houses, different models are available, also sizes differ. But, All units enjoy the waterfront and enjoy views of the sparkles over an 18 acre saltwater lake. Upper units with roof areas all overlooking the Tawila lake and islands. Prices start from 380,000 USD and delivery has started already in 2019.

swanlake gouna

Swan Lake Resort& Hotel

Hassan Allam Properties presents you this project, introducing a beach paradise, and sparkly lagoons, sun-kissed rooftops and various greens to surround all its units with 360 degree views of the beach. Houses are designed with Greek style and are a statement of architectural brilliance. They come in perfect balance for life in the city and beach life.

Swan Lake offers various amenities and services to help you make memorable experiences not offered elsewhere. The resort has different types of apartments varying from 2 to 4 bedrooms. Moving to delivery, the plan is to be within 2021 and prices start from 6,000,000 EGP.


Fanadir Resort & Hotel 

One of Orascom Development’s projects, renowned architectural firms in the Arabian style took over the design of this project. It’s located 300 meters away from the open sea and overlooking a 19-acre swimmable lagoon. You can go for trips, horseback riding or surfing. An 18-hole golf course is located in the hotel. Units are mostly stand-alone villas and townhouses or you can simply stay in the hotel and enjoy all the available facilities. Delivery started in 2019 and prices started from 17,434,059.60 EGP.


Gouna Joubal Resort & Hotel

One of Orascom’s projects, Joubal is centrally located in the heart of Gouna and close to shops, restaurants and all kinds of activities. Joubal lies on a hill, and is elevated above the surrounding projects. Thus, offering a great view to all sides of Gouna.

Designers took the desire for space and peace into account while designing the project, hence, the expansive way of building the site and the spacious residences.

The project offers apartments, villas and twin houses. Delivery started in 2019 and prices started from 3,571,155 EGP. To know more about where to rent while in Gouna, check this article.

This is only a glimpse of the most visited hotspots in Gouna City, for more information about Gouna check our last article here about Gouna and its colors.

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