Fouka Bay North Coast

  Fouka Bay North Coast is a glowing destination that lies right on the Mediterranean to give summer a unique taste.

One of Tatweer Misr’s projects, which is always known for being elegant, luxurious, and integrated.

During hot summer days, people are rushing north to escape this hot weather and find some inner peace while having some fun. However, the happiness level you could reach on the North Coast depends on where you are staying.

Fouka Bay is carrying all the Tatweer Misr qualities, taking them to the extreme limit of fun and leisure to go with the summer vibes.

Therefore, we are going to discuss the Fouka Bay North Coast By Tatweer Misr qualities in details as following:

–        Location of Fouka Bay

–        Fouka Bay Master Plan

–        Fouka Bay Prices and Units

1-    Chalets for sale in Fouka Bay North Coast

2-    Townhouses for sale in Fouka Bay North Coast

3-    Twin Houses in Fouka Bay for sale

Location of Fouka Bay

  Where? Is a worthy question. Is it accessible, easy to reach, or isolated to make sure you’re going to invest your money and summer vacations in the right place?

While heading to the North Coast from Cairo, you’ll reach the Fouka Bay resort in 4 hours of driving, which saves your summertime.

Though, a new road was made to make it in 2 hours, the Fouka Road, which makes it more accessible and reachable than ever.

To give an exact location, the Fouka Bay lies at the 211 Kilometer, west of Alexandria, only 75 Kilometers from Marsa Matrouh.

Fouka Bay Master Plan

While looking over the Fouka Bay Master plan, your eyes will catch two colors in particular, Green and Blue.

It’s obviously clear that the resort takes advantage of its location right on the sea; however, Tatweer Misr had brought more blue waters into the heart of Fouka Bay with a lot of lakes and pools, making a beach within your unit’s backyard.

 On the other side, Fouka Bay covers almost 194 acres, giving the majority of them to be wide open spaces, landscapes, and green spots, to make a resident feel satisfied by the sea and greeneries, couldn’t ask for more.

Throughout this vast area, Fouka Bay provides some facilities and amenities to spice up your summer. Such as pools, lakes, spas, Jacuzzis, a beach clubhouse, and a 5-star hotel.

Fouka Bay North Coast Facilities 

Fouka Bay Beach
  • The house hotel, an inviting escape from everything with a calming presence that is genuine & caters to every mood. 
  • State of the art spa 
  • A memorable culinary experience in Fouka Bay’s restaurants & Cafes 
  • A sun drenched beach hub
  • Mixing business with pleasure is only acceptable in Fouka Bay’s Business Hub
  • A commercial shopping & retail strip that delivers to your doorstep
  • Gourmet Market for fresh ingredients 
  • Housekeeping & concierge services available all day round 
  • An intelligent living experience with Fouka Bay’s home automation 

Fouka Bay Prices and Units


Fouka Bay North Coast
2,800,000 EGP EGP
twin chalet very prime location under market price
Fouka Bay North Coast
3,000,000 EGP EGP
Penthouse seaview for sale in Fouka Bay North Coast
Fouka Bay North Coast
2,400,000 EGP EGP
فيلا توين هاوس (corner) للبيع فوكا باي

When it comes to units, Fouka Bay offers a wide unit selection, with different sizes, unit types, and prices.

Tatweer Misr is using the Sea view to the limit, making a lot of units admire the turquoise seawater. Also, a unit distribution had been made carefully to keep the residents’ privacy intact.

Chalets for sale in Fouka Bay North Coast

Standalone Chalets in Fouka Bay

You can own a unit in Fouka Bay starting from a 122 square meters chalet, which could also reach up to 200 square meters.

Townhouses for sale in Fouka Bay North Coast

Fouka Bay Townhouse

While looking for a more private unit, you will find townhouses a possible choice with some luxurious facilities.

A townhouse area starts from 140 square meters, with a variable price according to unit location.

Twin Houses in Fouka Bay for sale

Fouka Bay Twin House

A twin House is another luxurious option you can have in Fouka Bay.

Areas are starting from 195 square meters.

Villas for sale in Fouka Bay North Coast

Fouka Bay Villa

While the most luxurious unit option is a standalone villa, providing some more facilities and privacy.

A villa area starts from 282 square meters and could reach up to 444 square meters.

Villas in Fouka Bay are available in different shapes and with various amenities. More and more modern projects in the prominent location of Ras El Hekma North Coast.     

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