El Gouna, the colors of life

El Gouna

While in Egypt, it’s apparent that you’re going to look for Pyramids, Temples, and museums, something from the great deep history of Egypt.

But what about the new history of Egypt? El Gouna proudly took the lead in writing new Egyptian history since 1989. It hasn’t sopped since! Gouna was established to be a world touristic hub thanks to its superb location on the Red Sea and its luxurious hotels and residences.

El Gouna’s Exact Location

On the east coast of Egypt, the city is glowing 20 km away from Hurghada city and 25 km from Hurghada’s Airport. Worthy to mention, the town itself has its own private Airport. Gouna’s location has many benefits such as privacy and accessibility at the same time.

El Gouna’s Exact Location

First color, Blue.

El Gouna is widely known for its magnificent shorelines. The city takes place on one of the most crystal clear waters in the whole world with 10 km of coastline. Moreover, Gouna’s many islands represent a unique experience of going into the Blue as El Gouna is one of the top destinations to practice water sports.

Since the city covers a total land area of 36,92 million square meters, it’s going to be hard to make a full sea view city. El Gouna solved that issue with canals and lagoons made all around the heart of the city to bring you the sea wherever you are.

Gouna projects

Gold, The Luxury

The aim of living a luxurious life couldn’t be more reachable in any other location. No doubt, Orascom Developments had that in mind when they were building this outstanding city.

Where to stay?

18 Hotels are open at El Gouna with the highest quality in Egypt. They rate between three stars hotels to five stars hotels, except one hotel which rates six stars, called La Maison Bleue.

The city has in total 2,895 rooms ready to host guests over the whole year.

El Gouna Theme Design

The city’s buildings were designed by some brilliant architects from Europe and America.

Brilliant architects designed Gouna takes the traditional rural Egyptian Architecture as a theme for designs to make it unique not just another coastal city with luxurious facilities.

Alone on an Island

Imagine you’re on an island in the middle of the turquoise sea, no not like castaway! Instead you’re enjoying the sun and sea with privacy away from any mood distracter. What else could you ever need to spend a good day?

Why imagine? El Gouna has 20 islands in the middle of the beautiful red sea realizing all that you could ever imagine of a luxurious beach. Likewise, we should mention Zeytuna Beach. This beach takes a whole island to be its location in the middle of the Blue. In addition, Gouna has some luxurious beaches everywhere such as Smokery Beach, Mangroovy Beach and Moods Beach. Gouna also offers hotel beaches where you can experience some water sports: windsurfing kite surfing, parasailing, waterskiing, and snorkeling.

Abidoss Gouna Marina
Gouna Marina

Park your Yacht

El Gouna has 3 Marinas with Abu Tig Marina being the most known one between them. Consequently, boat owners keep their boats and yachts in the middle of the city’s heart in this marina. The Marina contains restaurants, bars, and cafes that make the guests nights full of energy and activity.

gouna nature and sea

Green, Nature Friendly

El Gouna is the first city in Africa to be honored with the Global Green Award back in August 2014. To clarify, the city is making a lot of effort to reduce plastic usage and create an eco-friendly environment.

When they were picking the city’s location back then, it was just a spot in the middle of the desert. Now you can witness how Gouna was transformed to such a massive city on the same initial location, with some wide green spaces; to be like an oasis in the middle of the desert, or better yet “the Paradise out of Desert.”

Red, Highlighted as World destination

El Gouna is taking some serious steps towards being a global city by hosting two main events yearly that attract the world’s eyes.

El Gouna Film festival

El Gouna Film festival

GFF is an annual film festival that started in 2017 for the first time and achieved worldwide success. The Festival’s goal is to connect between different cultures through the art of cinema. GFF also aims to give the local filmmakers a path to be known worldwide to encourage Egyptian and Arab cinema to grow.

Consequently, GFF attracted many filmmakers from different countries around the world who want to participate every year with their latest movies. It is obvious that the city has become a world cinema hub. 

El Gouna International Squash Open

El Gouna International Squash Open

Certainly, this tournament is where champions from the entire world come here to compete. The tournament first srated in 2010 as a men’s competition. Women joined this competition only in 2018.

To sum up, without any doubt El Gouna is one of the most growing cities in the past 10 years always developing and expanding. Gouna is always getting more attractions using its perfect location on the Red Sea to be a tourist destination.

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