El Gouna Egypt spend an awesome vacation

El Gouna Egypt

Your Guide to spend an awesome vacation at El Gouna Egypt.

  Tired from your daily life routine, want to take a break and relax for a couple of days, enjoy the sea, sun, and nightlife. 

So you decided to head up to El Gouna to spend your vacation, hoping to have some fun and charge up your energy.

What are you going to do in El Gouna Egypt?

  El Gouna Egypt is a city full of activities, I can guarantee you that you’ll not feel bored ever. So here are some of the things to do when you’re in El Gouna. For more of Gouna and its projects you can check this article. 

Early birds at El Gouna Egypt

Beaches and more

Gouna beaches
Gouna Beach

  Wake up in the morning, put your swimming suit on, and get ready for a unique beach experience.

It is looking over the Red Sea, one of the most beautiful beaches in Egypt and the world. It’s a world destination to witness the colorful maritime life and practice some water sports.

Every hotel at El Gouna has its beach, and there are around 18 hotels there, in addition to some private beaches, here are some of these awesome beaches.

Moods Restaurant and Club Beach 

moods gouna
Moods Restaurant and Club Beach 

One of the oldest beaches at El Gouna, established in 2001. The beach is near the Abu Tig Marina and is considered a landmark at El Gouna.

The beach offers a full entertainment experience while enjoying the crystal clear water.

At Moods, everybody will be satisfied, either by lay down directly on the beach, or having fun with their liveliness atmosphere, it’s your choice.

Anyway, you can pick a tasty meal from their menu full of varieties and vegetarian friendly.

Elements Water Sports in El Gouna Egypt

Elements Water sports
Water Sports in Gouna

Looking over one of the most beautiful shallow water lagoons, where you’ll get the chance to practice some water sports which rush a lot of adrenaline into your veins.

La Maison Bleue

La Maison Bleue
La Maison Bleue

Belongs to La Maison Bleue hotel, it’s the only hotel rated as a 6 stars hotel in El Gouna.

The beach is one of the most luxurious beaches in Egypt.

The Smokery Beach

Smokery beach
The Smokery Beach

For instance, it has two venues, not one, one called The Smokery El Gouna Yacht Club, and Smokery Beach. The beach is widely known to host a lot of events, especially the Yacht club one.

Zeytouna Beach Island

Zeytouna Beach Island
Zeytouna Beach Island

Finally, a new beach experience. A whole island in the middle of the Red sea, a shuttle boat could take you to enjoy a beautiful day on the Island.

Water Sports in El Gouna Egypt

While you’re in El Gouna Egypt, it’s a wonderful opportunity to have some fun practicing some water sports at all these beaches.

You can go dive into the blue to admire the colorful sea, or just snorkeling on the water’s surface. Go kite surfing or slide at Sliders Cable Park El Gouna, the first slider club in whole Egypt.

On the other hand, if you love fishing, you can rent a boat and go to the open sea, enjoy a fishing session, or rent a glass boat for a better aqua experience.  

Land Sports in El Gouna Egypt

gouna bikes
Biking Competitions in Gouna

What you want to do, from biking to horseback riding, all you could wish for.

If you want to explore El Gouna by yourself without any rush, go biking, there’s no better way, find out where’s the nearest bicycles and scooters rental to you and have fun.

Likewise, if you’re a speed enthusiast, you can enjoy a nice Go-Kart circuit, located on the road between Abu Tig Marina and El Gouna Downtown.

Horseback riding is also possible at El Gouna Egypt, at Yalla Horse stables you can ride some of the pure Arabian horses, while your kids are riding some ponies.

Day trips & Desert Safari

You can enjoy a day trip at El Gouna in two different ways, either by boat trips or a desert safari.

Boat trips

gouna boat trips
Boat Trips in Gouna

Discover the entire surrounding island by renting a yacht, which will take you from island to island in privacy and luxury.

Or take a Catamaran sailing cruise, which will allow you to go diving or snorkeling in the middle of the open sea.

Desert Safari

There are many kinds of desert safari; you can hop on a quad runner or a 4×4 to explore the Egyptian desert in the daytime. Some excursions include a Bedouin dinner or a 15 minutes camel ride.

Or you can go to witness a sunset in a very beautiful village, just 20 kilometers away.


  The day was well spent, what about your evening and late nights.

El Gouna Egypt is a city full of life, day and night; you can find some of the finest restaurants, cafes, and bars all around, especially near Gouna Downtown, and Abu Tig Marina. Also, a lot of night clubs are available, where you can spend some wild nights.

Sea Cinema at El Gouna Egypt

gouna sea cinema
Sea Cinema Gouna

  A midnight cinema with your friends and beloved ones makes your vacation perfect. 

The cinema has existed since 2017, precisely during the first edition of El Gouna Film Festival, with a capacity of 649 people. For that reason, it later became one of the best spots in El Gouna Egypt where you could spend your nights.

Sea Cinema is regularly showing the latest Egyptian and international movies, all over the year not only during the festival.

  El Gouna Egypt is the perfect destination to spend your vacation, it has an awesome nature and beaches, and is still vibrant and full of life during the night with wonderful food experiences. You can read about in this article. 

It provides you all that you could ever think about, from Biking to horseback riding, water sports, and desert safari. Go out to El Gouna Egypt Downtown or watch the latest movie at Sea Cinema. It’s your vacation, your choice.

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