Diplo North Coast

Diplo is a trip you must take whether with family or friends, it is one of the best vacation resorts in the North Coast. A coastal atmosphere that sets it apart from any other resort in the area. An architectural greek design that makes Athens only steps away. A beautiful landscape that features mountain flowers & is divided into three phases all of them take your breath away. 

Diplo is the ultimate entertainment hotspot in the North Coast, providing you with an array of diverse restaurants, shops and activities that makes your vacation unforgettable. 

Diplo North Coast Location 

The resort has an outstanding location, they understand that easy access is essential for success so the resort has a dynamic location to many areas such as: 

  • On the 200th kilometer of Alexandria-Matrouh road, it is between IOS Village and Stella Sidi AbdelRahman
  • 30 minutes away from El Alamein Towers
  • Porto Marina is only 26 minutes away. 

As we move closer to what Diplo has to offer you, we urge you to take a walk through our blog and check out Marassi North Coast Latest Phases and many more enriching articles on Flash Property. 

Now to Diplo. 

Diplo has many (and when we say many we are not exaggerating) services & facilities that catch the eye, feed the stomach & delight the heart. That’s why we divided it into two sections: 

  1. Cravings & Indulgences 
  2. Shopping Spree Frenzies 

Diplo North Coast Cravings & Indulgences

Diplo always has it’s visitors in mind so every type of food is available starting from: 

Real Food


Eatery Egypt comes to you all the way from Washington DC with burgers that are handcrafted and desserts that will make you head spin. 


Real Food needs real sushi and the best sushi is at Fuego. 


Fresh, tasty and diverse is what you can say to describe Topaz’s menu. A plate for every taste. 

Le Sahel Diplo Clubhouse 
Tabla Luna Playa 

A latin American cuisine is never a bad idea, a delightful selection of dishes from Tabla Luna is available now in Diplo.  

On the go! 

A quick fix on the go that is both tasty and fast. Well Diplo has the answer for you with the best fast food joints from: 

Pizza Hut 

The best place to enjoy a delicious, signature slider in Diplo. 

The Four Fat Ladies 

Amazing desserts & baked goods. 

Delights & Desserts  


A Japanese Bakery with the fluffiest pancakes you’re ever gonna taste. 


A must try, a certain serotonin kick with every bite. 


Really weird that you haven’t tried weirdough delicious desserts yet.  

Nola Cupcakes  

Now that we finished this tour in Diplo’s amazing restaurants it’s time to go shopping. 



The best and freshest groceries you will ever find to make a marvelous home cooked meal. 

Dreams Market 

A diplo trademark! Go to Dreams Market for every ingredient you need. 

Diplo North Coast Shopping Spree Frenzies

Furniture & Home Decor 


The best collection of contemporary accessories, indoor & outdoor furniture. 


Furniture, accessories and lighting paradise that enriches any space. 

Leaves & Co. 

A magical world of accessories with enchanting designs. 

Fashion & Style 

 L2 Boutique 51 

A fine women’s clothing store making sure you never go out of style. 

Style Treasure  

An online platform that makes sure you never go out of style. 

Markaz Egypt 

A socially conscious brand by local artisans that makes bags, pillows and many more accessories all handcrafted. 

The Blue Door 

Contemporary home accessories with stimulating textures and vibrant colors.


Beit Matta 

A boutique specialising in handcrafted jewelry and accessories all inspired by the Egyptian Heritage. 

Azza Fahmy 

Top-notch collection of jewelry only from the best brand in the jewelry game. 

Dolly’s Boutique 

A multi-brand fashion & lifestyle that offers beach, swimwear and homemade accessories. 

Jude Benhalim 

A unique jewelry store that caters to all sides of your personality.  

Diplo North Coast is a lifetime journey that transcends and changes how you spend your vacation. A dream destination, hours away. 

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