Cityscape 2020 and their Developers


Cityscape 2020: Cityscape, an opportunity that arises each year. 

Cityscape has been the go to event in terms of Real Estate with an array of developers raising their game every year to impress, dazzle and take all the awards.

Firstly, Cityscape 2019 “Next Move” had more than 60 developers that attended with their booth and spending roughly at least 7 Million EGP and this year isn’t going to be any different. 

Cityscape 2020’s developers are here and ready to shine and rise to the occasion. 

So here they are: 

1- Cityscape 2020: Gates Development:

gates development

Gates Developments is a brand that provides high level expertise in the field for real estate in Egypt. But their main purpose is to meet their client’s needs and to always present the highest quality to make sure they live in the community they seek. 

2- Cityscape 2020: The Land Developers:

The land development

Gates Developments is a brand that provides high level expertise in the field for real estate in Egypt. However, the land developers is an Egyptian real estate development joint stock company that brings a wealth of commercial and real estate experience through their joint shareholders. The three major shareholders are El Tayebi Developments, A-part a leading after-market automotive company and The Steel and Concrete Company. 

3- Cityscape 2020: The Address Developments:

The address

The Address is moving real estate into developing real societies. Ones that will upholster family centric communities including commercial, residential, second homes.

4- Cityscape 2020: Ajna Developments:

Ajna Development

Founded in 2019 to redefine the conventional idea of intergartes contemporary living in Egypt, Ajna conceives to transform spaces into unique sanctuaries.

5- Cityscape 2020: Misr Italia:

Misr Italia

Misr Italia Properties is a leading real estate developer in Egypt expanding with a range of top-notch projects throughout the country. Similarly, they aim to change the concept of the ever growing real estate market by listening to their customers who inspire them.

6- Cityscape 2020: City Edge Development:

City Edge Development

Brings premium-quality residential communities and mixed-use projects.  

7- Cityscape 2020: Hyde Park:

Hyde Park

Hyde Park Developments is the main owner and developer of for example Hyde Park in New Cairo Spread over 6 million square meters.

8- Cityscape 2020: Mountain View:

Mountain View

Therefore driven by innovation, Mountain View is among Egypt’s leading private property development companies.

9- Cityscape 2020: Ora Developers:

Ora Developers

On the other hand, Following the crowd was never an option for Ora.  Formed in 2016 by international visionary businessman, Mr Naguib Sawiris, Ora translates his passion for creativity, design, local cultural diversity, and community into inspirational lifestyle developments.

10- Cityscape 2020: Palm Hills Development:

Palm Hills Development

Subsequently, PHD is a leading real estate developer in Egypt, is a joint-stock company established in 1997.

11- Cityscape 2020: Sodic:


To Clarify, SODIC is one of Egypt’s largest real estate developers, catering to the country’s ever-growing need for high quality residential, commercial and retail properties. 

12- City scape 2020: Tatweer Misr:

Tatweer Misr

Further more Tatweer Misr is a real estate development company established in 2014. It aspires to add value by offering sustainable architectural designs focusing on establishing environmentally friendly buildings and services.

13- Cityscape 2020: Equity:


In addition to a thriving real estate development company, they aim to develop and build exquisite communities that offer inspiring experiences. Cityscape is open to all kinds of exhibitors, showcasing diversity is one of Cityscape’s strongest suits. This is a global event here in Egypt that escalates the market further towards the required level. 

In Conclusion Developers’s interest in Cityscape isn’t just bound by business, it has other motivations. 

Building brand awareness, becoming an industry leader and meeting the right people are just examples of why developers seek Cityscape. That and the exposure of more than 18000+ participants of course. 

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